Question: ABOUT THE 0 (ZERO)

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Two people who ask a similar question about what the 0 (zero) in a chart means and how they can result from a calculation.



Vikas, from Bangalore, India, asks:

What does a chart indicate of a person with no challenges (all zero) in a chart?

And Semih, from the Netherlands, asks:

Why is the number 0 (zero) not actively being used in numerology and are no qualities and attributes given to it? For it is always there even if it is not visible.


Dear Vikas and Semih,

Since your questions overlap, I will answer both here.

In chart calculations, the 0 (zero) can be found only as the result of deducting numbers.

There are a few places where we deduct, most prominently with Challenges, but also Bridge numbers and a few more obscure aspects. The largest difference between two single digit numbers is 8 (9 minus 1). Therefore, it is impossible to arrive at a 9 as the result of deducting single digit numbers; however, you can arrive at 0 (9 minus 9, 8 minus 8, etc.).

When that happens, the zero takes on the qualities of the 9.

Vikas, when you say all your Challenges are zeroes, it means your Challenges are aligned with the qualities of the 9. In other words, you’re not off the hook. You can learn more about a 0 Challenge here.

Semih, the zero either has the qualities of the 9 when found through deduction, or it enhances the qualities of any double-digit number that ends with 0.

For example, 10 is a high-octave 1. 20 is a sharper defined version of 2, while 30 is a more defined 3, and so forth. This is why 3 based on 30 is different from a 3 based on 12, or 21. You can learn more about double-digit numbers here.

Hans Decoz



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