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Vikas, from Bangalore, India, asks:


What does a chart indicate of a person with no challenges (all zero) in a chart?

And Semih, from the Netherlands, asks:

Why is the number 0 (zero) not actively being used in numerology and are no qualities and attributes given to it? For it is always there even if it is not visible.


Dear Vikas and Semih,

Since your questions overlap, I will answer both here.

In numerology chart calculations, the 0 (zero) can be found only as the result of deducting numbers.

There are a few places where we deduct, most prominently with Challenges, but also Bridge numbers and a few more obscure aspects. The largest difference between two single digit numbers is 8 (9 minus 1). Therefore, it is impossible to arrive at a 9 as the result of deducting single digit numbers; however, you can arrive at 0 (9 minus 9, 8 minus 8, etc.). When that happens, the zero takes on the qualities of the 9.

Vikas, when you say all your Challenges are zeroes, it means your Challenges are aligned with the qualities of the 9. In other words, you’re not off the hook. You can learn more about a 0 Challenge here…

Semih, the zero either has the qualities of the 9 when found through deduction, or it enhances the qualities of any double-digit number that ends with 0.

For example, 10 is a high-octave 1. 20 is a sharper defined version of 2, while 30 is a more defined 3, and so forth. This is why 3 based on 30 is different from a 3 based on 12, or 21. You can learn more about double-digit numbers here…

Jim, from Las Vegas, asks:

Looking at my chart I see my birthday and name are both master numbers, 22 and 11. Reading about what the numbers mean and the power they carry left me feeling both lucky and pressured to not waste that potential. Part of me feels like I'm making a bigger deal of this than it actually is. Do you have you any advice for making the most of this?

Hello Jim,

As you rightly point out, Master numbers have more potential, but they are also difficult to “master.”

Living up to a Master number’s potential is challenging to everyone.

And in different ways – there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to that question. However, it seems to me you are doing what you’re supposed to do: Question, challenge, and be conscious of what it is you’re facing. All that’s left for you to do is be the best you can be. Don’t doubt yourself and just go for it, after all, the chart always fits the man.

Yovaletta, from Texas, asks:


Hi Hans,

I love the software. I have a question about the ordering of numbers. Typically, each days numbers are sequential 1-9 then repeats. This week and going into December the numbers fluctuate. Ex: a 7 day, 8 day, then 7. Please advise if this is accurate.

Hi Yovaletta,

The numbers are arrived at by adding the year number to the month number, then the calendar day. Therefore, when you change months, it interrupts the sequence. Let me give you an example:

November 2018 was a 4 month. The last day of November is the 30th, which reduces to 3. Add that to the month number 4 and you get 7. So, November 30 is a 7 Day. Then comes December, which is a 5 Month. The 1st day of December adds 1 to the 5 Month and is therefore a 6 Day. As you can see, whenever you change month, the rhythm is interrupted. The same is the case when you change year.

2018 adds to 11, which reduces to 2. If you add the calendar month of December, which is a 3 (12 = 1 + 2 =3), it comes to 5.

2019 adds to 12, which reduces to 3. If you add January, which is a 1, it comes to 4. So, we move from a 5 Month to a 4 Month.

It’s almost as if Mother Nature is in cahoots with mathematics, to set us up so we get a bit of a respite every change of month or year.


Matt, from Connecticut, asks:


Hi Hans,

Love your product, have a suggestion. Numerology, like astrology is an intuitive science. For example, reducing every name before adding them together lessons the chance of finding master numbers. That is one piece of the software I feel needs a toggle feature. For example, I was born Matthew B … (no middle name) but have gone by Matt B … for as long as l remember. If I don’t reduce Matt or B … before adding them up, I end up with 33, 11, 22. But if I do reduce them, I get 6, 2, and 4. I am living both the master numbers and the single digits. Just an intuition-based suggestion, lol!

Hi Matt,

There are reasons why we reduce each name before adding them. The patterns that underly the science of numerology have a beautiful logic built in that may escape us if we are not paying close attention. Allow me to explain.

Your name is like your DNA – it’s who you are.

But it grows and matures as time goes by and in perfect synchronicity with your Transit cycles. Transit cycles are derived from your full name. Your first name is the Physical Transit. Your last name is your Spiritual Transit.

These are two different cycles that affect you in different ways but are a big part of the reason you change and grow physically, mentally, and spiritually as you get older. It is the influence of these two Transit cycles that influence in large part the way your "DNA." Therefore the names should always be handled separately when calculating core numbers or at any other time - this preserves the patterns on which numerology is based.

Another good example is the way we calculate the Life Path.

You can learn more here...

Matt, there are many ways we can find Master numbers in our charts by playing around with the methods of calculation. If clarity is what you are after, my advice is to follow the age-old well-established algorithms.


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