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Is this the Age of 666?

The message of 666 depicted in the Revelations, chillingly echo’s one of America’s largest broadcasting corporations.

Numerology assigns a number value between 1 and 9 to each letter in the alphabet.

The letter A corresponds to the number 1, B is 2, C is 3, and so on to the ninth letter, after which it starts over with 1 for J, 2 for K, etc. Following this method, we find three letters with a value of 6: F, O, and X.

The Revelations mentions the number 666; numerology analyzes its meaning


The number 666 translates to FOX and only to FOX; no other English word deciphers to 666.

(Disclaimer: The author of this article is a lifelong liberal known to favor absurd entitlements such as universal health care, unemployment benefits, government-funded care for children with disabilities, social security, Medicare, food stamps, veteran benefits, and other programs that ensure at least a baseline of financial security for its people. This article cannot, therefore, be considered objective.)

The Beast Awakens

Launched in 1996, FOX News took a hardline, right-wing approach to newscasting from the start, frequently fabricating information and spreading falsehoods for the sole purpose of pushing the country further to the right. FOX cannot, by any stretch, be considered an objective news source; it is the forefather of Fake News.

Lying Liars

Politifact, one of the nation’s top independent fact checking sites, rates FOX as follows: True 10%, Mostly True 12%, Half True 19%, Mostly False 21%, False 29%, and Pants on Fire 9%. In other words, 4 out of every 5 statements made by newscasters and talking heads at FOX (not including guests) are untrue. Over the years, this constant barrage of lies and half-truths has contributed to millions of people being severely misinformed. (A recent poll by the Farleigh Dickinson University states Fox News has the least-informed national audience.)

Spoon-fed by the Beast

The number 666, and its symbolic biblical meaning expressed in the Revelations, chillingly echo’s one of America’s largest broadcasting corporations. Many in power today grew strong and fat feeding on the milk of this beast. The lack of empathy, compassion, social justice, and basic humanity of our new administration and many lawmakers is frightening and appalling. Putting profit above the environment and people’s well-being, trampling basic human rights, and rolling back years of hard fought work toward equality - it will take tremendous effort and solidarity to oppose this ill-fated path.

The Silver Lining

This is a dreadful, but also a promising time - as our numerology analysis shows. However, you have to do your part. Find a reliable news source with credible, in-depth information and analysis, use social networking and your local community to stay informed and engaged - look around, it has never been easier to be an active part of needed change.

People are not waiting; they are choosing sides, choosing right over wrong. There is sense of comradery, brotherhood and sisterhood, spreading across borders. Those guided by concern for their fellow human beings, regardless of color, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation, or nationality are growing in number – with more than enough power to vanquish the beast.

See also a numerology chart analysis of our liar in chief: TRUMP. DECODED



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