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We purchased a DeLuxe Numerology reading from numerologist dot com ($37) and one from World Numerology ($29.95). The birth data we used for both readings was identical - a fictional character named John Johnson.


In both numerology reports, we separated generic text from that specific to the individual. Then we counted.

Numerologist dot com's report, weighing in at a hefty 218 pages, contained about 15% text specific to the individual. The rest was filler; generic text that can be found anywhere on the web or in numerology books.
Text specific to the individual: 7,214 words.

World Numerology's reading was 48 pages of which about 80% was specific to the individual. The rest was generic in the form of chapter introductions, etc.
Text specific to the individual: 11,378 words.


At less than a quarter the size of numerology dot com’s report, World Numerology’s reading by numerologist Hans Decoz, actually contained almost 60% more personal information.

There are other significant differences

Numerologist dot com's reading only describes each number by itself, while Decoz includes chapters that oversee multiple numbers and explain not only their individual meanings, but also how they affect each other, offering unique and valuable insight not found in other numerology reports.

The very first chapter, for example, describes how you three core name numbers together, and in their particular arrangement, affect you. After all, there is a big difference between a 3 Expression, 5 Heart's Desire, and 7 Personality or a 3 Expression, 7 Heart's Desire, and 5 Personality (see a sample here).

Or check out the Dualities (see a sample here) included in Decoz' yearly numerology forecast, which describes with great depth and detail how your Essence cycle and your Personal Year cycle's combined influence affects you that year.


Ah, but there is more.'s reply emails and some of their websites credit numerologist Aiden Powers. Problem is, there is no numerologist named Aiden Powers; he doesn't exist. Aiden Powers is a fictional character meant to put a human face on the company's products. Or, as they put it: "..because of his immense popularity, “Aiden Powers” is a pseudonym used to safeguard the real individual’s identity." Usually accompanied by a photo of an actor pulled from a site like shutterstock.

Such an "immensely popular" numerologist would be a powerful selling point any businessman worth his salt would take advantage off. (Does anyone think the Beatles would have sold more records if they were marketed under a pseudonym instead of under their actual name: "the Beatles?")

So…, you do the math (pun intended). Numerologist Aiden Powers, if he is so popular, would be a pseudonym of an "immensely popular" numerologist and most of those have passed on. Come to think of it, there only a few male numerologists who could be considered quite popular. Matthew Goodwin (passed away about 30 years ago, Kevin Avery (also passed away a few decades ago), and, oh yes, Hans Decoz (who is still alive and working).


Numerologist Hans Decoz is real and alive. Here is a timeline of some of his accomplishments.


Hans Decoz teamed with World Numerology in 2016 to bring his updated and new numerology readings to the public more conveniently and affordable.


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