Question: THE BORING 4

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Michael is wondering whether the 4 is always boring, regardless of where it is found in a chart.



Dear Hans,

I am entering a 4 Personal Year during a 4 Universal Year. Everything I read about the 4 seems so boring. Is this going to be a boring, frustrating year?



Dear Michael,

The fact that a person goes through a 4 Personal Year at the same time all of us go through a 4 Universal Year is not uncommon, as 11.11 percent (or one-ninth) of the population falls in that category.

Let me point out that if 2011 is a 4 Personal Year for you, that means your Personal Year cycle will always be the same as the Universal Year cycle, since both follow the same rhythm.

And just to keep it interesting, if your month and day of birth add to 9, you always have the same Personal Year cycle as the Universal cycle. Cool, non? It reminds me of a Facebook question that keeps popping up recently of people wondering why, when you add the year of your birth (last two digits only) to the age you will turn sometime this year, the sum will be 111 for every one of us born before 2000.

Based on the comments and back and forth banter about this “amazing” fact, you would think there is some kind of magical mystery behind that. Truth is, of course, that whenever you add the year of your birth to your age, the answer is always the same for all of us across the board, because whatever difference between two people’s ages happens to be the case, that same difference is also found between the years of their birth.

Okay, back to the original question. Fortunately, the impact of the Universal Year cycle on any single individual is minimal – negligible really. However, its influence on the human race as a whole is significant. Think of it as giving every living human being a penny. It is not going to make any difference for any of us, but all of them combined adds 80 million dollars to our economy.

The influence of the 4 Personal Year, not the 4 Universal Year, is what makes the difference for you as an individual. In a nutshell, you can expect a year of work, effort, opportunity, and frustration – a period when the demands on your time and talent outweigh your opportunities for progress, hence the frustration. It is, however, the kind of year that to most people feels satisfying and successful when its all over and done.

The potential for progress during a 4 year tends to sneak up on you, not make it self known with fanfare and fireworks. It is not uncommon for those who work their way through a 4 year, and yes, it is all about work, to feel like they didn’t produce much, or get properly rewarded for the effort; no raise, no promotion, no transfer to the town and job of their dreams. Then, a year or so later, when that reward does come (the end of the 5 year or the first few months of the 6 year), you realize that it was all the work and effort done during the 4 year that created the opportunity and delivered the reward.

There are other aspects to the 4 year that help us lay a foundation for the future. It tends to ground and stabilize us, it helps us understand which of our dreams are attainable and which are not, it often strengthens our resolve, our immune system, our overall health, and makes us more disciplined.

Overall, the positive influence of the 4 is in its contracting energy – what in Eastern philosophies is referred to as “Yang” energy. The 1 and 8 may be considered more masculine, but the 4 delivers a mature kind of strength I think of as a force; like a muscle that contracts in order to deliver a more powerful blow once released, figuratively speaking of course.

Hans Decoz



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