Question: A TOUGH YEAR

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Jennifer has had a tough year and is asking whether the upcoming year will be different based on her numbers.



Dear Hans,

This year has been very difficult for me with regard to accidents, mysterious health issues and stress (my dad had a triple bypass operation, mother had thyroid issues, husband had an odd autoimmune issue...).

Finally, I am having difficulty with alcohol. I'm struggling more than usual, I'm sure that stress and to some degree, depression over personal and family issues, isn't helpful.

I'm wondering what the numbers say about what is going on in 2010 for me! Thanks very much.



For a question like this, it can be helpful to look at the long-term cycles; learn about yours and their meanings.


Dear Jennifer.

I am sorry you had to experience so many painful issues this past year.

Some of them, your father's triple bypass, your mother's thyroid problems, don't really have anything to do with you directly and therefore don't show up in your chart as such.

They do affect you indirectly; the sacrifice, the added burdens, the emotional pain, the limitations on your personal freedom, etc., are yours and therefore show up in your chart.

The same is the case concerning your personal health issues as well as your excessive alcohol use, problems for which we should be able to find some answers and solutions by studying your personal numerology chart. However, to understand the reason behind your tribulations this year, we need to look at your chart going back at least a decade.

Your Physical Transit for the years 2002 through 2017 is ruled by the letter "N," with a value of 5, and typically has to do with matters such as freedom, adaptability, and changing circumstances - usually unexpected. It also affects your energy level, as well as personal discipline. The 5 is well known for its tendency to abuse drugs, alcohol, food, sex, or any other form of self-indulgence.

All the qualities represented by any number can either work in your favor or against you, and while the 5 has many positive attributes, it seems you are being treated to its negative side.

However, the reason we go through a cycle when one or more numbers show their dark side is usually found elsewhere in the chart, for example in your Challenges - as is the case with you. (Part of the job description for cycles is to force a person to deal with shortcomings in his or her personal makeup during a specific time in his or her life. In essence, we are constantly being "fine-tuned," as each and every one of us is a work in progress.)

It is obvious to me that your Main Challenge and your Fourth Challenge, both of them a 3, are the real culprits. They are the reason that you experience all the negative attributes of the 5 Transit cycle during this time in your life, and not the positive ones.

This is particularly evident in the fact that you also had an 11/2 Essence for four years, followed by a 3 Essence cycle from age 50 through 60. This tells me that the emotional troubles that dominated your life from age 46 to 50 weakened your resolve and joie de vivre, and that your alcohol issue started rearing its ugly head in your late forties, culminating in an undeniable health issue this year.

The purpose of your 3 Essence cycle was, and still is, to force the issues of communication and self expression to the foreground; no more hiding, no more denials, it is time to deal with that.

I also noted that the number 3 is not found in your Karmic Lesson chart. Considering all of that, you have to deal with your problems associated with the letter 3 first. Resolve those, and I promise you the 5 will start working in your favor.

So how to deal with the 3 whose attributes are first and foremost in the area of communication? As you know, many, if not most, of our health issues are strongly affected by our mental and emotional state.

An inability to communicate your feelings can be devastating on many levels, including your physical well-being. It causes stress, unhappiness, insecurity, loneliness, and depression. 2010 Is the year when the severity of this problem, the emotional and communication channels blocked or at least bottlenecked for so long, finally burst to the surface.

When you are able to let your feelings flow, it will affect your health in a positive way. Another quality represented by the number 3 is your general disposition towards life. The positive 3 is optimistic, fun-loving, outgoing, expressive, inspiring, has a sense of humor, and is easy-going. Not to mention creative and unconventional. Again, I am not sure recognizing the lack of those elements in your life is enough to overcome them.

Focus on finding ways to let your feelings flow; express yourself. You were designed to be happy, that is when you feel "right." When we are unhappy, everything about us feels wrong, precisely because that is not what we were designed to be. In other words, if you are not happy, you need to find the mechanic capable of fixing whatever is wrong.

But much of this you already knew. Because you also have a powerful 7 (the letter "P") Spiritual Transit cycle running from 2006 through 2017; which tells me that the essence of what you are experiencing on the physical, mental, and emotional planes, are the ingredients that give birth to the kind of spiritual realizations that are your ultimate purpose of being.

You are, figuratively speaking, in the process of giving birth and, as is its nature, that is a painful procedure, and 2010 is the year you are "in labor." While things calm down somewhat in 2011, there is no denying that there is work to do. But help is on the way.

By late 2011, a 9 year and the end of a nine year cycle, if you are able to find ways to allow your feelings to flow, emotional issues - in large part the reason you had so many health and mental issues - will basically burn themselves out.

The following year, 2012, is not only a time of renewed energy and motivation, it signifies the start of a 3 Period Cycle and the beginning of a much more upbeat and communicative period lasting for the rest of your life.

Hans Decoz



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