Question: The 7 personal year

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Sindiso asks how he should handle the upcoming 7 Personal Year, so he can decide whether to go to college or not.



Dear Hans,

I have calculated my personal year number for this year and it is number 7. I am currently not doing anything because so many events came up which stopped me from doing anything new like entering a new college and getting a new job, etc.

I left college in 2008, and this year I have learned so much about myself, people and life, and I know without this time of not doing much, I wouldn't have learned this much. I think without that time I would have remained depressed and unhappy.

I now know what I want in life and what I would like to experience. However, I am at a bit of dilemma. I might be going back to college in September but I hate it -- that is one of the reasons why I left. I am only doing it because it seems like the only productive thing I should to do. It is the safest thing which is presenting itself to me I guess.

Could you help me please?



Hi Sindiso,

First, I want to let you know that you can check your personal forecast for the year or the month any time you want right here...

The 7 Personal Year cycle is indeed a time of introspection, self examination, and the search for clarity in your personal life on all levels. However, based on your comments, it seems you have been in that state of mind since well before you started your 7 cycle. So I looked at other cycles in your numerology chart that have been in place for the last couple of years (several cycles, like Essence and Transit cycles, affect us at any given time), and noted that you dropped out of college during a 22 Essence cycle and a 5 Personal Year cycle, and that you have been in a 7 Emotional Transit cycle since late 2008. That explains a lot.

The combination of a 22 and a 5 is difficult as those numbers are discordant; the 22 causing a kind of pressure-cooker effect with excessive ambition and a disconnect with reality, and the 5 taking your focus all over the place, never directing it at one goal long enough to actually make something happen.

A 22 cycle supported by certain other numbers can be great and a boost to your career, but joining it with the dynamic, restless 5 is not ideal. Add to that a 7 Emotional Transit and it is no wonder you have felt without direction, low on stamina, and too much self-consciousness - meaning too centered on your inner turmoil and doubts, which all by itself can consume the lion share of your energy.

You are now entering a transition period from a 7 to an 8 Personal Year cycle (you were born early in the year so your cycle's gradual transformation starts around September/October), and entering a 7 Essence. In a way, the tables are in the process of being turned; the cycles will start pushing you towards getting down to business, to applying yourself and to be goal-oriented and practical. No more beating around the bush, doubting and questioning yourself and the world around you. While at the same time, you find some clarity and insight that will help you make peace with yourself. But reaching that will not be quick and easy.

The trouble is, that the second part of 2010 sees you with what we call a 7 duality; still in the tail end of a 7 Personal Year cycle while at the same time entering a 7 Essence cycle. Finding direction and moving towards your goals will still be difficult for the rest of the year but late this year and early next year will feel like you have been released and like a rubber band that has been stretched for awhile, the energy liberated once the rubber band is let go, is considerable and will eventually make up for the time you spent wondering and questioning and not getting much done.

Hans Decoz



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