Question: the 16 karmic debt

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Monika wants to know how she can lessen the impact of a 16 Karmic Debt

It is one of her core numbers and she worries it might affect her for live.


Dear Hans,

My name is Monika. I go by Nethra but my official name on every record is Monika. People know me by this identity only. I was born May ... in New Delhi, India. First I would like to know, is my complete name auspicious for me, or I should use Nethra only? Secondly, I would also like to know which career field would be best for me.

As I have a Birth Day number 8, Expression number 3 and Life Path number: 16/7, which is a Karmic Debt number, what are the precautions (especially health-related) to keep in mind for my life?

Above all, I would like some insight into my spiritual progress and peace of mind.

Yours sincerely,


Hi Nethra,

Considering that you have a 16/7 Life Path and the vowels in the first name Monika add to a 16/7 as well, you would do better using either the full name Monika .... or the nickname Nethra, while avoiding the use of the first name Monika by itself.

The 16/7 is a Karmic Debt number and can be a bit of a burden at times, although it also has some powerful and very beneficial qualities. The danger of the 16 is in its tendency to make bad decisions and choices almost as if it wants to self-destruct which, to some extent, is its real purpose. What it tries to do is push you forward on a path of spiritual growth and it does this in a somewhat heavy-handed manner.

Whenever a person with a 16/7 gets too focused on material success, career, whatever, to the exclusion of his or her spiritual side, the 16 forces a bad decision causing some kind of breakdown in the hope that you will start paying attention to your spiritual needs again. It basically causes a cycle of self-destruction and rebirth because, fortunately or unfortunately, that is the fastest path toward spiritual wisdom or enlightenment or whatever you wish to call it.

For that reason, those with a 16/7 Life Path, like you and me, only attain a measure of material/worldly success if they do not deny their spiritual side in the process - meaning that your spiritual thirst should be potent and a big part of your conscious mind every day. It is therefore interesting that you included a question regarding your spiritual progress and peace of mind in your letter. This tells me that indeed, your spiritual path is a big part of your daily life and as long as that is the case, the 16 will be nothing but beneficial.

As far as your career choices, you have mostly creative numbers, a strong dose of communicative skills, and a good sense of business. Journalism, book editor, or any other career in communication would suit you well. In fact, you have a poet's numbers, so perhaps you should, if you haven't yet, try your hand at poetry or creative writing.

Hans Decoz



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