Question: the 16/7 essence cycle

Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Bradley asks about the 16/7 Essence cycle, and if they are always as difficult to handle as the last few have been.


Hi Hans,

Your Numerology software is incredible! Thanks for that.

I have a question about the 16/7 essence cycle. I believe that my Essence for 2018, 2019 and 2020 have this karmic debt number.

It has been a very tricky couple of years, with a lot of things not going to plan and a lot of pain and struggle. Loss of work, finances, long-held-worldviews and relationships. I think that my 4 personal year is helping to retrieve material equilibrium, but it feels a little hollow at the moment!

I would appreciate your thoughts/further interpretation on this.




The 16/7 Essence is nothing less than one of the most promising cycles to experience, but it is not for the faint of heart.

It draws you inside, consciously or subconsciously, and as a result, your attention to the outside world (job, finances, even romance) is diminished.

The 16/7 Essence is always a tough one and the things you mention are not uncommon, but it also produces a period of considerable personal growth and personal insight. It creates a better you and pays off where it counts.

In some ways, it’s like that monk walking his path by taking two steps backward and three forward. There is loss, but then there is gain.

My own chart is riddled with 16/7 Essence – well above what statistically can be expected - and I will be forever grateful. But yes, I am no stranger to its pitfalls.

My advice to you is to take advantage of this 16/7 Essence cycle by putting your outside world (job, finances, etc.) on the backburner as much as you can afford to without getting in trouble. (Don’t give up your job or give away your money!) Take meditation classes, go on a walk-about, seek out those friends who are always talking spiritual stuff, etc.

In short, let the mystery of life be your focus for a while. I promise, your future will benefit greatly, including finances, your job, and anything else you hope to achieve.

Hans Decoz



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