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Dear Hans,

My birth name is Aditya ... and my date of birth is July ....

I've used the name Vikram ... at some points in my life, but not presently. My Life Path is 16/7, which means I suffer from Karmic Debt 16. There are many difficulties in life I've had to face since I was a child. Even now I am suffering from financial and other problems.

I feel all this stress and problems are stemming from my Karmic Debt 16. I've had spiritual experiences at a young age (20), and now I've become very spiritual. But this hasn't resulted in a less stress.

Aditya Mangla


Dear Aditya,

The fact that all numbers have a front and a back, a positive and a negative side, applies also to Karmic Debt numbers. Take any Karmic number, including the 16, and find its positive energy. Based on your comments, you are already dipping into the 16 energy in a way that will benefit you in the long run. The plus side of the 16 is its spiritual essence. The 16 reduces to 7, the most spiritual of all the single digit numbers.

More importantly, the 16 is the most spiritual of all numbers that reduce to 7 (like 25, 34, etc.). The challenge of the 16 is that it forces you to work on your spirituality whether you like it or not. For that reason, its energy may inspire you to make choices and decisions that, in the short run, seem self-destructive. Hence its nickname of the Fallen Tower.

You mention that jobs disappear on you all the time. Contemplate that statement for a moment. Do you lose those jobs because, on some subconscious level perhaps, you make choices or do things that get you fired? Do you perhaps tend to choose jobs you know are probably temporary? It isn't normal for a person to have to look for a new job a few times a year. And yet, allowing this kind of roller coaster lifestyle has pushed you towards a more spiritual outlook. Who is benefitting here? You are, of course. Spiritual growth, no matter what form or shape, if genuine and sincere can only improve the quality of your life. If the gods really want to punish you, they allow you to be satisfied with a life lacking any kind of spiritual hunger. Because that, Aditya, translates to an empty, unfulfilled existence.

I can tell you, based on other numbers in your chart (13/4 Heart's Desire, 5 Personality, 5 Balance), that the key to your success and happiness on a material plane is in large part dependent on your willingness to take chances (5), and most importantly, to go the extra mile.

However, the first thing you should accept is the fact that you are young. You have not yet lived through your first long-term cycle (a 7). You have nine more years to go.

Relax, Aditya. There are some people who find their niche and lifetime goals by the time they are 21, or even earlier. But those are exceptions to the rule. Truth is, you are not expected to have your feet on that stretch of your life's path that leads to your ultimate achievement. That will come in due time. Around age 29, actually. By age 30, you will be your own boss.

I would also suggest that you use the name Aditya, as opposed to Vikram. The numbers in Vikram don't suit the rest of your chart.

There is one piece of advice that applies to anyone with a 16/7 Life Path (and that includes me, I also have a 16/7 Life Path): Try not to make impulsive decisions. It is the only way you can keep a handle on the self-destructive side of the 16.


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