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Dear Hans,

My name is Leona ... Born 12/... I'm new to Numerology. My numbers come out to 22/4. My sister is 33 and my niece is 11.

Are we suppose to be doing something amazing for the world, our community, our family, ourselves? I would love to live my highest potential. Do you have any information/guidance for me and my family?

Thank you so much,


Dear Leona,

In numerology, as in life, nothing stands apart and on its own. Everything is connected to everything else. This concept forms the basis for all science, including Metaphysics, yet is all too often ignored.

As you know, there are numerous calculations that make up an individual's numerology chart, all of which are interconnected. Unfortunately, the logic and relationship between all these different calculations is not always acknowledged even by many professional numerologists. As a rule of thumb, if a calculation is not part of a logical pattern, in other words if it is nothing more than a piece of math unrelated to the whole picture, it should be viewed with some suspicion.

A good example of that is the way the Life Path is calculated.

There are three methods, all of which will arrive at the same single digit result, yet only one is correct. The other two methods do not have a logical basis, follow the wrong "path," and can therefore result in a Master number where none exists, or miss a Master number that should have been included.

One method is simply adding the digits of a birth date in the order they appear. In your case, 12/12/1960, is 1+2+1+2+1+9+6+0=22, which reduces to 4. There is no connection, no logic, no interaction with any other aspect of the chart and is incorrect.

Another method is adding the month to the day to the year, as in 12+12+1960=1984=1+9+8+4=22. Again, no logical integration exists and the answer is wrong.

The third and correct method is based on the function and purpose of the Life Path as a cycle that runs from birth to death. The Life Path, in turn, reflects the combined effect of three important cycles, called the Period Cycles. These long-term cycles each cover about a third of your life span and are like the stepping stones to your maturity and, we pray, eventual wisdom.

The First Period Cycle is based on your month of birth and runs from birth to about age 33 (the exact age depends on your Life Path number), it reflects your personal evolution from childhood to maturity. Your day of birth gives you your Second Period Cycle and runs approximately from age 33 to 62. This cycle reflects your "productive" years. Finally, the Third Period Cycle is found by reducing your year of birth to a single digit (or Master number), and represents the last part of your life.

Your Life Path, Leona, is not the result of simply adding numbers as they appear, or any other random system, but the consequence of combining your three Period Cycles as their collective influence forms the basis for the largest cycle in your life; your Life Path.

For that reason, the correct method of calculation for the Life Path number is by first calculating each of the three Period Cycles. Your First Period Cycle is based on your month of birth, in your case the number 12, which reduces to 3. Your Second Period Cycle is found by adding the digits of your day of birth. In your case again 12, arriving at another 3. Your Third Period Cycles is found by reducing your year of birth, in your case 1960, as follows: 1+9+6+0=16=1+6=7.

Your three Period Cycles are 3, 3, and 7 respectively. Adding those, we find that you have a Life Path of 13, which reduces to 4.

As for your question "Are we supposed to be doing something amazing for the world, our community, our family, ourselves?" that can be answered with a resounding YES. The opportunity to make a difference exists for all of us, whether there are any Master numbers in your chart or not. Only two ingredients are needed to make a difference; the desire to do so, and the effort it takes to follow up.


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