numerology's MASTER NUMBERS


There are three double-digit numbers in numerology that require special emphasis and attention - the Master numbers 11, 22, and 33.

They are called Master Numbers because they possess more potential than other numbers. It is also quite challenging to "master" the powerful qualities of these numbers - they are highly charged, difficult to handle, and require time, maturity, and effort to integrate into one's personality.

(Double-digit numbers such as 44, 55, 66, 77, and so forth, are not Master numbers. They are more powerful and more sharply defined than other double-digit numbers, because both digits deliver identical attributes, but Master number status applies only to 11, 22, and 33. For more on that, see Triangle of Enlightenment.)

In numerology, 11, 22, and 33, are considered the Master Numbers



The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers in numerology The 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It represents illumination; a channel to the subconscious; insight without rational thought; and sensitivity, nervous energy, shyness, and impracticality. It is a dreamer.

The Master number 11 has all the aspects of the 2, but is considerably enhanced and charged with charisma, leadership, and inspiration. It is a number with inborn duality, which creates dynamism, inner conflict, and other catalysts with its mere presence. A number that, when not focused on a goal beyond itself, can be turned inward to create fear and phobias.

The Master number 11 walks the edge between greatness and self-destruction. Its potential for growth, stability, and personal power lies in its acceptance of intuitive understanding and spiritual truths. For the 11, peace is not found so much in logic, but in faith. The 11 is the psychic's number.

The influence of Master numbers varies based on their position in your chart. If you have one or more 11s you can learn more here...


Master number 22 is called the Master builder and potentially the most successfull of all numbers in numerology Master number 22 is potentially the most successful of all numbers in numerology. It is the most powerful of all numbers and often called the Master Builder. The Master number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality, but only when it is supported properly by other numbers in the chart.

The 22 has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4, making it unlimited yet disciplined; it sees the archetype and brings it down to earth in a material form. It has big ideas, expansive plans, idealism, leadership, and self-confidence. If not practical, 22s waste their potential. Like the 11, the 22 can easily shrink from its own ambition causing difficult interior pressures. Both Master numbers, the 11 and the 22, experience the pressure-cooker effect strongly, particularly at an early age.

The Master number 22 must work toward the realization of goals that are larger than personal ambition. The 22 serves the world in a practical way.

The influence of Master numbers varies based on their position in your chart. If you have one or more 22s you can learn more here...



Master number 33 is considered the Master teacher and the most spiritually evolved of all numbers

The Master number 33 is considered the Master teacher and the most spiritually evolved of all numbers.

The 33 is the most influential of all numbers; it combines the 11 and the 22, boosting their potential to another level. When expressed to the fullest, the 33 lacks personal ambition and instead focuses its considerable ability on the spiritual uplifting of humanity.

What makes the 33 especially impressive, is its high level of sincere devotion.

The Master number 33 in full force is extremely rare.

The Master number 33 is only considered and activated when found among the core numbers of your chart: The Life Path, Heart's Desire, Expression, Personality, and Maturity number, or as an Essence cycle or Pinnacle cycle. In all other cases the 33 should be reduced to a 6.

Symbolically the 33 shows itself to be extraordinary demanding and rare through the methods used in calculating. For example, a 33 Life Path is found only when each of the 3 units of the birth date (month/year/day) add to 11, or when the month and day of birth combined total is 11 and the year adds to 22 (in the 20th century there are only 7 years that add to 22: 1939, 48, 57, 66, 75, 84, and 93). And finally, when the birth day is 22 and the month and year of birth total 11.

The influence of Master numbers varies based on their position in your chart. If you have one or more thirty-threes you can learn more here...

See also: The Master Numbers; a Triangle of Enlightenment.


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