Numerology: Karmic Lessons



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Karmic lessons are recognized by the absence of certain letters in your name and describe areas we are weak in that require recognition and effort to overcome.

The letters in your name point to talents and abilities that you possess – tools that are available to you. Missing letters imply tools that are unavailable, they must be learned and mastered during your lifetime.

You can have more than one Karmic Lesson or, if every number is represented your name, you don't have any.

Although you may feel you have learned to overcome one or more of your Karmic Lessons, you will continue to be challenged by them throughout your life.


Your Karmic Lesson is 1

You need to show more initiative in your life. You must learn to be more determined. The will needs to be strengthened. You will be forced to stand up for what you believe to be right. You will need to make your own decisions. You must learn to be more independent.
Life will bring many strong willed people into your life with whom you will struggle. You will have to learn to assert yourself or be suppressed by these forceful people. This is happening so.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 2

You must learn to be more diplomatic and tactful, to stay in the background when necessary and sometimes to accomplish something without the need to be praised and rewarded. Learn to be part of a team.
You must learn to be more sensitive to other peoples' needs and feelings. You will regularly find yourself in a situation where the only road to success is through patience and attention, requiring .......

Your Karmic Lesson is 3

You are highly self-critical. Every time you find yourself at the center of attention, you manage to find something in your performance to be entirely inadequate or embarrassing. You have established an impossible standard of perfection as the only measure of your actions.
You need to lighten up on yourself. Realize that you have within you a critical faculty that must be contained and controlled. Otherwise, it can.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 4

You feel confusion about your life's direction. You will have to establish a methodical and disciplined approach. You need to create a foundation for your life. Otherwise, you will feel lost and tossed about by change.
You have trouble finding the work you do best. You tend to be somewhat impractical and disorganized. You look for the answers to life's problems outside yourself, rather than within. New jobs start off as.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 5

You need to be more adventurous. You must overcome your fear of living. Take every opportunity to experience life: travel, see strange and exotic lands, meet new people, and have many new experiences. Broaden your vision, be more social. You must learn to embrace change. You will be required to adapt to new circumstances.
Overcome your tendency to be rigid and inflexible. Your lesson in life is to learn to have faith. You will learn to flow with life, to adapt with the changes, and.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 6

You have a major issue with commitment and responsibility to others.
You have a hard time committing to marriage and other important personal relationships. You have to learn to show true emotion.
You may feel isolated and alone, but do not understand why. The reason is that very often you form relationships yet remain heavily guarded, putting up a show of emotion without truly communicating affection or care. This can make.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 7

You need to deepen your knowledge and talents in a specific discipline. You lack the will or determination to perfect yourself or a specific talent you possess. You must learn to be your own critic, without self condemnation, in order to bring your abilities to their full development.
You will learn not to take things at face value. A superficial understanding of important matters will prevent you.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 8

You can attract a considerable amount of money and even be a good business person, but you experience major ups and downs in your financial affairs, due largely to your lack of caution in handling your resources.
You are highly independent and do not want to be told how to do things. You have great problems with authority figures. This stems from.......

Your Karmic Lesson is 9

You must learn to be more compassionate, tolerant, and understanding. You have to learn to identify with the trials of others. There will be times when you will have to sacrifice some egocentric ambition for the good of a particular project or some larger goal.
You must learn to broaden your view of life. You have to see things on a larger scale. You do not realize the enormous potential you have in influencing your own destiny and that of others. Therefore, you .......

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