The meaning of numbers in numerology; Master numbers, karmic numbers, sun numbers, and more

An important concept in numerology is that the shapes of numbers reflect their personality


Synchronization underlies all of creation. Nothing stands apart. Everything is connected.

The shape of numbers is an example and the logic is simple; numbers evolved in synchronization with mankind.

Depending on culture, environment, and other factors, their shapes reflect our understanding of their meaning and personalities.


The shapes of numbers

The 1 - upright, unbending, in your face

The 2 - humble but resilient, bending at the knees

The 3 - creative, telling stories, a mouth in action

The 4 - a square, solid, steady

The 5 - a whirlwind, dynamic

The 6 - pregnant with love, a womb

The 7 - the wise man holding a lantern, searching for the truth

The 8 - balance, authority, upright

The 9 - a reservoir of love, the spout pointing downwards, giving to the world



Perhaps the most challenging aspect in the art and science of Numerology is understanding and recognizing the attitude and actions of a number within a particular environment or location of the numerology chart.

Just as human beings act different depending on the situation, so do numbers. In fact, a number may express itself in a positive way when found in one location of a chart, and in a negative way when located elsewhere in the chart.



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