Published November 2007

Keep in mind that a global forecast in general affects you as an individual only marginally, and a much more in-depth and personal forecast for 2008 should be based on your own cycles, such as your Personal Year and Essence cycles.

Numerology looks at the calendar year number to predict certain influences and events our global community may experience for that year. Most important is the Universal Year cycle which is calculated by reducing the year to a single digit; 2008 reduces to 1 and is therefore a 1 Universal Year. However, other numbers are also derived from the calendar year number and for 2008 the important numbers are 1, 10, 8, 2, and 6.

2008 Represents the start of a new 9-year cycle and promises major changes in many areas, in particular technology, politics, and the economy. Always a bit of a volatile cycle, we can expect to see the [beep] hit the fan in many parts of the world as the 1 Universal Year tends to bring everything to a climax. It is a time of aggression and impulsive action. New conflicts in different parts of the world, as well as political unrest and the fall and rise of governments. This is nothing new, of course, but what is particularly important is that many of these events will happen in places where we least expect them.

On the technology front we can expect major breakthroughs as the Eureka experience often happens during a 1 Universal Year cycle. However, the biggest and most important changes will be felt by the world’s economy which is due to experience big shifts, big enough to have an impact on the power balance many of us have come to except as permanent. This will be a year for the history books and the beginning of a massive global shift that, when all is said and done (over the next nine years), will be a “planet saving” episode of enormous proportions.

We also can not underestimate the importance of the 2-influence hidden behind the 1 UY cycle for 2008 as well as the next decade, which over time promises to elevate our “brotherhood consciousness” but at the same time tends to polarize the more primitive forces (this 2 has already been in place for several years and current conflicts make us feel as if we are part of a struggle between the 21st century and the 12th century).

The unstable and fragile 8 also features prominent during this year bringing more than the usual earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and other disasters. The 8 also tends to have a big impact on finances and power as it tends to deliver just rewards; what you sow is what you reap. In the end, the 8 brings balance, but only after shaking things up radically.

The 6 also plays a dominant role and focuses our attention on our best qualities; love, compassion, caring, healing, and sharing. But it appears as a challenge number, telling us that human to human contact within the family and small communities is on a downward spiral and it is our specific challenge to turn that around.

A 1 Universal Year cycle brings the importance of personal choices to the foreground in a subtle way but the large scale effect is that where throughout history progress and changes were frequently the result of one or a few individuals taking a leadership role and directing the rest of the population, the near future will see the direction and the momentum of the country set by the people’s personal choices, changes in lifestyle, and so forth.

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