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Karmic Lessons are like vacuums - you have to fill them

The Karmic Lessons found in your personal numerology reading

What Your Karmic Lessons Tell You


Karmic Lessons in Numerology - with numerologist Hans Decoz

Karmic Lessons are found by analyzing your full name at birth to find the numbers that are missing.

Use our free Numerology Chart Calculator to see if you have Karmic Lessons.

The average number of Karmic Lessons in a person’s chart is two, but four or even five isn’t that uncommon, nor is it unusual to have no Karmic Lessons at all.



Karmic Lessons (not to be confused with Karmic Debts) point to weaknesses that need to be dealt with in this lifetime.

The letters and corresponding numbers of your name point to talents and abilities that you possess. These characteristics can be compared to a workshop in which certain tools are available to you. Missing numbers, those that are not represented in the letters of your name, imply tools that are unavailable and must be acquired and mastered during this lifetime.

In my name (JOHANNES ALBERTUS DECOZ), the number 1 appears five times (the letters A, J, and S, all have a value of 1), the 2 appears twice (B and T have a value of 2), the 3 appears three times, the number 4 shows up once, the 5 comes up five times, the 6 appears twice, the 7 is missing, the number 8 is there twice, and the number 9 comes up once.

Twenty-one letters in my name and the only number missing is the 7. This makes the number 7 my Karmic Lesson. You can find your own Karmic Lessons by transforming your full name at birth into numbers, and then looking for which numbers are not represented.


Here are the letters of the alphabet and their numerology-values:

The value of the letters in numerology

Before I talk about the effect Karmic Lessons have on your life, let me point out a few things, including a few misconceptions:

Misconception #1: Life is easier without Karmic Lessons

If it were that simple, I’d suggest every parent make sure their child had every number represented in their full name and they’d be just fine. Not the case.

Misconception #2: The fewer Karmic Lessons you have the older your soul

This is not true. You will find old souls with names so short, half the numbers are missing.

Misconception #3: Karmic Lessons are bad!

Also, untrue. In fact, Karmic Lessons can be a great asset, as they are powerful motivators to learn and enrich your life.



Fact #1: Karmic Lessons help give direction to your life (this will become clear later).

Fact #2: While Karmic Lessons point to something "lacking," they actually add a desire to fill the missing parts - hence my earlier statement that they are like vacuums, and nature (that's you) abhors a vacuum.


I often use an analogy to explain the function of Karmic Lessons

Let's say there are nine different types of tools - woodworking tools, metalworking tools, tools for electronics, tools for sewing and knitting, tools used for gardening, welding, and so forth.

If you had every one of these tools you would be able to tackle almost any project. On the other hand, if you had every tool except the woodworking tools, you‘d have big problems building something out of wood. Karmic Lessons are somewhat similar.

In my case, the number 7 is missing. the 7 is a scholarly, studious, spiritual number, and I have to admit I had a powerful dislike toward school and spiritual disciplines. But it’s not that simple, because there are other aspects to consider.

So, you have eight sets of tools but you lack woodworking tools. First thing to consider is - if you don't have carpentry skills you don't really need them, do you? And if you’re a talented builder, but work with metal, lacking woodworking tools won’t be a problem.

Your Karmic Lesson comes in when you have a talent and a matching desire to work with wood, but not a single woodworking tool in your shop. My own name is a good example. I don't have a 7 in my name so I have a 7 Karmic Lesson. However, I have a 7 Life Path (the most important number in the chart and a powerful indicator that I am driven and motivated by the qualities of the 7) and a 7 Personality (also very significant, as it's location indicates I will reflect the qualities of the 7 in my day-to-day life). Now what happens?

Imagine yourself as someone who loves woodworking and is quite talented in the field, but you don’t have the necessary tools. What you do is, you go out and get yourself some tools. Whatever it takes, get the tools you need to express your talent and follow your desire.


The same is the case with Karmic Lessons.

This is why I mentioned earlier that Karmic Lessons can help give your life direction. It functions like a vacuum, something that needs to be filled (thereby inspiring you to fill it). It also multiplies your potential in the application of your talents.

If you have talent and an eagerness to nurture it, but you must put forth significant effort to obtain the necessary tools – that effort can propel your talent to the highest level. Here, your Karmic Lesson helps you become more accomplished than you would have, had the tools been within easy reach.

My name is a case in point. I was born into an environment of cynical, educated, and highly intelligent parents, siblings, and friends - all of whom were more or less lacking any connection to the spiritual/philosophical side of life (the 7). I started off the same, but relatively quickly turned into the complete opposite.

The talent to explore the spiritual world was there and the desire to do so even greater. I have acquired a habit of looking at everything in my life against a backdrop of what it means or teaches me from a spiritual perspective.


But let's go back to the subject of Karmic Lessons

If I didn’t have the spiritual drive (my 7 Life Path) and the spiritual aptitude (my 7 Personality) to fill the vacuum of my 7 Karmic Lesson, I can assure you that I would not have been remotely as happy and content as I am.

By the same token, if I did not have the need to fill the vacuum of my 7 Karmic lesson (which created a spiritual hunger I have felt since I was a little kid), my 7 Life Path and 7 Personality would probably have expressed themselves more in scholarly studies and other intellectual pursuits, as opposed to the kind of spiritual search that has been the story of my life.

Karmic Lessons can be a potent gift if we are willing to do the work it takes to overcome the deficit we are “gifted”. A missing asset can be as valuable as one that is present!


Look at your own name: Do your Karmic Lessons resonate with your experience?

If you don't know your Karmic Lessons, you can find them by transforming your full name at birth into numbers, then look for numbers that might be missing. Note, you may not have missing numbers. Do the calculation yourself using the chart below - Or use our free Chart Calculator- it's quick and easy!

If you have missing numbers, scroll down to find the meaning of your Karmic Lessons.

The value of the letters in numerology



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 1

Your Karmic Lesson is 1

The 1 Karmic Lesson indicates you need to show more initiative in your life, to be more determined in your efforts. You will need to make your own decisions and learn to be more independent, things that are not as easy with a missing 1.

Life will bring many strong-willed people into your life with whom you will struggle. You will need to assert yourself or be suppressed by these forceful people. The 1 Karmic Lesson is here to help you become more forceful and dynamic. Try not to concern yourself with what others think. Practice promoting yourself, work on self-self-confidence and faith in your judgment and abilities. Overcome the tendency to procrastinate.

The effect of this Karmic Lesson is diminished if you have at least one 1 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Heart's Desire, Expression, or Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 2

Your Karmic Lesson is 2

Your 2 Karmic Lesson advises you to be diplomatic and tactful, to stay in the background at times, to accomplish something without the need for praise and reward. Learn to be part of a team.

Strive to be more sensitive to the needs and feelings of others. You will regularly find yourself in situations where the only road to success is through patience and attention, requiring you to work cooperatively with others. Working through this life lesson will bring you closer to others, which is its own reward.

The effect of this Karmic Lesson is diminished if you have at least one 2 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression or Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 3

Your Karmic Lesson is 3

This Karmic Lesson indicates you are highly self-critical. When you find yourself at the center of attention, you often judge your performance to be entirely inadequate or embarrassing. You tend to measure yourself against an impossible standard of perfection. Try to refrain from constant self-evaluation.

It is important for you to recognize no one is flawless. Feeling the need to act impeccably can prevent you from doing what you enjoy in life. Practice being more optimistic and cheerful - enjoy this “messy” life and share your joy with others.

Life will place you in situations that require imagination and communication. You will be tested in these areas and forced to face your feelings of inadequacy. Missing 3’s often produces artists - but their success will require consistent effort and perseverance.

The effect of this Karmic Lesson is diminished if you have at least one 3 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression or Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 4

Your Karmic Lesson is 4

A missing 4 may find you rudderless and confused about your life's direction. To obtain focus and success you will need to establish a methodical, disciplined approach. It is important to create a foundation for your life to keep from feeling lost and tossed about by change.

You may have trouble finding the work you do best, as you tend to be somewhat impractical and disorganized. Without a strong inner compass, you will look to life's problems outside yourself rather than within. A new job may start off as "The Answer," but it won’t hold the same appeal for long (as you discover the new work requires the same effort and perseverance as the last one, without the initial glamour).

Concentration and application need to be strengthened when the 4 is missing.

The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 4 among your other core numbers (Life path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression or Personality Number)



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 5

Your Karmic Lesson is 5

A missing 5 advises you to be adventurous, to overcome your fear of change and uncertainty. Take every opportunity to welcome new experiences and move past your apprehension. Broaden your vision, be social, do something unexpected (in a healthy way).

Life will create opportunities that require you to adapt to new circumstances. Try not to be too timid or repetitive when deciding what to do next.

Overcome your tendency to be rigid and inflexible. Your lesson in life is to learn to have faith. Overcoming the challenges posed by your missing 5 will allow you to flow with life, to adapt to change, and to grow.

The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 5 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression or Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 6

Your Karmic Lesson is 6

Your 6 Karmic Lesson reveals an issue with commitment and responsibility in personal relationships. You have a difficult time committing to long-term and other important relationships. It is essential to practice conveying authentic emotion.

You may feel isolated and alone, but do not understand why. A missing 6 suggests you often form relationships yet remain guarded emotionally. This can make the bond between you and others superficial. Work on intimacy and communication in your relationships. Listen, and respond to the needs of others.

This lesson highlights the importance of close friends and committed relationships. Making a genuine effort to connect deeply with others - learning to give, and receive, and sacrifice at times, will bring a lifetime of joy.

The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 6 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Heart's Desire, and Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 7

Your Karmic Lesson is 7

The 7 Karmic Lesson speaks to the need to deepen your knowledge and talent in a specific discipline. A superficial understanding of important matters will prevent you from experiencing the satisfaction of your full potential.

With the 7 missing, you may lack the determination and effort it takes to perfect a talent you possess. Study, practice, and learn to self-critique (without condemnation).

Avoid accepting things at face value. The lesson the 7 brings will help you look keenly at your life, interests, and potential. Do the work it takes to develop proficiency and fully develop your abilities.

The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 7 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression and Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson number 8

Your Karmic Lesson is 8

Your 8 Karmic lesson tells us you have the ability to attract a considerable amount of money and do well in business. But the missing 8 is likely to cause major ups and downs in your financial affairs, unless you are cautious about how you handle your resources.

You have the ability to attract money, but it has a tendency to slip through your fingers. This stems from a know-it-all attitude and stubborn behavior that prevents you from knowing your limits. Your desire to succeed can cause you to accept too much risk (and leave too little time to nurture important relationships). Balance is key to overcoming the deficit a missing 8 can bring.

This Karmic Lesson forces you to learn your limitations, and the limitations of your resources.

The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 8 among your other core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Hearts Desire, Expression, or Personality Number).



Numerology's Karmic Lesson 9

Your Karmic Lesson is 9

The 9 Karmic Lesson reflects the need for compassion and tolerance – to identify with the trials of others, including those outside of your personal relationships.

Look beyond your day-to-day life. Practice broadening your view of life and your connection to the world. Consider the needs of people far from you as being a part of your own.

The challenges of the 9 Karmic Lesson will create circumstances that ask you to sacrifice personal gain for the good of a project or larger goal. You have the ability to impact the wellbeing of others, but may not know where to start. You may be reluctant to commit time (or money) to a social issue you don’t fully understand or, seemingly, doesn’t affect you. This lesson asks you to make that effort. It is it the road to true happiness for you, as well as those you touch.

The effects of this Karmic Lesson are diminished if you have at least one 9 among your core numbers (Life Path, Birthday, Expression, Hearts Desire, or Personality Number).



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