Installation instructions for the Decoz Numerology Master program.


Download the Numerology Master program



Download the Numerology Master program

How to create a reading using our numerology software

To create a reading, open your Decoz® Numerology Master Program and select the report type you want. Enter names and birth dates in the Edit Data dialog box. Choose desired topics and cycles.

The Preferences dialog box can be accessed from the menu bar. Check tells you which report is currently being generated. Options let's you select the word processor (it is recommended to keep it at Wordpad for a .rtf file, which can be opened in Word and any other word processor). Reports sends you to the folder where your reports are stored. Help only works in older Windows operating systems, but we have an extensive help section on our site - access it here.

To create, print, and email a color numerology chart:

  1. Use ColorChartMaker and enter the individual's data in the Edit Birth Data dialog box.

  2. Select the starting year for the Personal Year cycle and the starting age.

  3. Click OK to view the color chart.

  4. Click Bitmap in the menu bar to save the chart as a Bitmap file.

  5. The chart is stored in the folder C:\Decoz on your hard drive.