Do Your Own Numerology Reading; your Life Path number


For those using the Decoz® Chart system:

Your Life Path is considered the most important number in your numerology reading.


The Life Path is shown inside the two concentric circles in the numerology chart


Your Life Path number is the sum of your month, day, and year of birth added as follows:

Select the month, day, and year of your birth (Note: You will notice that the 11 and 22 are the only double-digit numbers we don't reduce; they are called Master Numbers and you can learn more about them here.)


Make a note of the values shown between brackets.  For example, if you were born 3/23/1968, you would find the value 3 in the box for the Month of Birth, the value of 5 for the Day of Birth, and the value of 6 for the Year of Birth.  (You will need these three numbers several times — we refer to them as your birth date numbers).

Next, add the value of the month, day, and year of your birth together

The Life Path and Date of Birth are shown in this part of the numerology chart


If you are interested in learning more in-depth numerology, the chart shown here was developed in 1982, computerized in 1984, and recently updated for the new World Numerology App. (It is one of the three free numerology tools included with the download.


If there was ever a moment of transformation, it was the moment of your birth. In that instant, you stepped into a new reality - the reality of human life and human consciousness. Even at that moment you were a person with your own unique character, as unique as your DNA.

If your numerology Life Path calculation came to:



Your Life Path (sometimes called Destiny) is derived from your birth date. Your Life path is the road you are traveling. It reveals the opportunities and challenges you will face in life.


How can I benefit from numerology?


Numerology is primarily a self-help tool. It is a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature. It reveals aspects of your character and personality in a way that is fresh and inspiring. It gives you a new vantage point from which to look at yourself; one with greater distance and perspective than many other self-help systems. Self-knowledge is the key to success and freedom. Listen to the numbers and they may set you free.


Do Your Own Numerology Reading:

Introduction to building your numerology chart

Numbers in your numerology chart derived from your date of birth


Numbers in your numerology chart derived from your full name at birth

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