World Numerology Products Overview


We offer a wide range of readings and software for individuals, professionals, and businesses

Numerology for Individuals

Are you a seeker of self-knowledge and insight?

You have come to the right place. We offer a wide range of numerology readings for every aspect of your life. Our numerology apps (available on all devices) include free readings and readings for purchase….

Numerology for Businesses & Professionals

Do you want to sell numerology readings?

Whether you are an experienced numerologist or just starting out, we have 3 unique numerology programs to fit your needs. Offer the highest quality personalized readings created by Hans Decoz - from your home, office, or website…


Numerology For Individuals


The World Numerology Collection App

The original World Numerology Collection native app



The World Numerology Web App

The new World Numerology Collection II web application


A subscription for the mobile app also applies to the web app – just log in with the same email and password



Single Readings directly from our website

Single Readings offered directly from our site.



About the readings and subscriptions

Our readings are the same regardless of your preferred method of access (mobile app, web app, or single readings directly from our site)


Single readings purchased directly from our site (via this page) vary in prices - this is a better choice if all you want is one reading. If you want multiple readings (Personality Profile, Yearly & Monthly Forecast, Talent Profile, etc.) a subscription to our app saves you considerable $$.


Professionals & Businesses

Sell Readings To Your Clients


The Online~Professional program

Online Numerology Software for professionals.



The Decoz Numerology Master program

Decoz numerology Master program installs on PC Windows.



Own a website?
Our fully automated Sell Numerology software integrates into your website

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Fully automated integrated web application to sell numerology readings.

Beta version



Our resale programs are designed to provide fast sales and maximum convenience for you and your customers.

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