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The World Numerology App is an individual, single-user, numerology software program that includes a wide range of personal readings and charts


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The complete numerology profile is easily twice as expansive and detailed as that of our nearest competitor. The middle part of the numerology reading looks at the numbers derived from your date of birth, including your Life Path number The third part of the numerology reading deals with long-term cycles and numerology challenges


Personal Numerology Reading by numerologist Hans Decoz and World NumerologyOur 32-page Personality Profile completes the free personal reading available in the app, analyzing over 30 aspects of your chart.

  • Learn about your temperament, talents, strengths and weak points - and how to balance them to smooth the road ahead
  • View specific opportunities and challenges you are likely to encounter during different periods of your life
  • Understand the important cycles that impact you from birth through maturity (there are 7 of them) and how to take advantage of them
  • Explore your karmic or master numbers, life path, hidden desires, and the numbers that balance you… discover a new perception of your strengths, motivation, and true purpose


Your Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast are both included in the Primary and the Full subscription

This report is also available as a downloadable pdf file

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Scroll through our 20-page Yearly and Monthly Forecast

Your Yearly and Monthly Numerology Forecast is included in the Primary subscription of the World Numerology app Our single-user numerology software application can be installed on any device and includes a detailed numerology forecast



Yearly Numerology Forecast includes Essence, Transits, and Personal Year cycles, as well as monthly cycles Your personal Numerology Forecast reveals the energy and influences you will encounter this year, preparing you for the unexpected changes life can bring. Dualities are also included – unique to Decoz forecasts.

  • Your Personal Year describes the external trends and circumstances likely to affect you.
  • Your Essence cycle identifies your mental, emotional, and spiritual state of mind during this period.
  • Dualities merge the impact these different, overlapping cycles will have, including what you can do to get the most out of their combined influence.


Plus... get a heads up each month with 12 Monthly Forecasts that add specific influences for each period. Is it a month for bold moves or better spent in quiet reflection? Will you feel energetic or exceptionally emotional? We have more control over our circumstances than we give ourselves credit for - knowing what lies ahead gives an added boost

Your Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast are both included in the Primary and the Full subscription

This report is also available as a downloadable pdf file



Personality Profile; your 32-page personal numerology profile based on your name and date of birth.

This 32-page Personal Numerology Profile covers over 40 aspects in your chart. More...

Yearly Forecast; yearly and monthly numerology forecast.

The Yearly & Monthly Forecast reveals influences and events for the coming year. More...

Diamond Spirit Report; a unique and highly personal numerology reading that examines the interaction between your spiritual and physical planes.

Learn how your physical and emotional experiences affect your spiritual growth and vs. More...

Our Relationship Profile compares all five core numbers in your chart with that of your partner, friend, family member, or co-worker.

Compares your chart with that of your partner, friend, family member, or co-worker. More...

This forecast is a clear example of the way numerology can be used in a practical manner to improve the quality of your relationships and your life.

A good example of how numerology can be used to improve your relationships. More...

With a focus on the short but strongly-felt monthly cycle, numerologist Hans Decoz helps you recognize the changes that occur in your relationships

Knowing your and your partner's cycles helps avoid conflict and maintain harmony. More...

This report takes numerology to a new level, using horizontal graphs, your Talent Profile compares the ratio of a range of personal attributes in your chart.

This report analyzes your numbers in relation to 79 character traits and 34 vocations. More...

Life-time Lucky Numbers are in play for the duration of your life, while others come and go based on your personal cycles.

Decoz applies unique algorithms to identify numbers that relate favorably to you. More...

Of all the numerology readings Hans Decoz offers, the Inner Reflection (and Diamond Spirit Reading) are his personal favorites

Understand your experiences on on a deep psychological and spiritual level. More...

Last names are an important part of your personal numerology reading.

Numerology's DNA; family names show how ancestors still affect you today. More...

Numerology's Business Name Advisor is concerned with the effect a name has on others - the way it is perceived by the people who view or hear your business name or product.

Find the best name for your business or product; the secret is in how it is perceived. More...

This program produces short, focused, personal numerology readings based on people's names.

Make as many as 24 short yet revealing mini readings based on people's names. More...

When we use numerology to analyze something, the first thing we look at is how closely is it connected to you. For example, a house number is more important than the street name, because it is exclusive to you home, while the street name is shared with others.

The Address Analyzer gives more weight to the number. Do as many as you wish. More...

Does your phone number support what you want and where you aim to go?

Find the number that expresses the energy and feeling you wish to integrate. More...

This age-old method reaches into your psyche to access your memory bank and dig up things you didn't know you knew.

Tap into your subconscious - the result can be surprising. Use as often as you wish. More...

Our Numerology Chart Calculator lists every number and cycle in your chart, including several unique to Decoz.

Lists every number and cycle; create charts for friends and family members too! More...

This revolutionary charting system artistically displays your most relevant numbers and cycles in one easy-to-oversee chart.

All your most relevant numbers and cycles in one easy-to-oversee chart. More...

The Proportional Numerology Chart shows the most dominant numbers in your chart based on location and frequency.

Sometimes the Life Path is not the most important number. Find out if your's is. More...



Includes your 8-page Personal Reading and Daily Forecast.
Make one for your friends too!


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