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  • Eleven numerology readings with more in the pipeline
  • Customized reports, personalized covers, etc.
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  • Free content - choose from 100+ numerology articles (optional)
  • We build an API to your specifications (high traffic sites - other sites, see below)


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Personal Numerology Report; the Personality Profile Numerology Report; the Yearly and Monthly Forecast Numerology Report; The Personality Profile and Yearly Forecast combined Numerology Report; the Relationship Compatibility Profile Numerology Report; The Relationship Compatibility Forecast Numerology Report; The Relationship Compatibility Profile and Forecast combined Numerology Report; The Diamond Spirit Guide Numerology Report; The Talent Profile Numerology Report; The Name Advisor Nine-Year numerology forecast, including the next 108 months in detail. Numerology Report; The Ultimate Numerology Reading


Set Up Your Website To Sell Numerology Readings


Direct... And Fully Automated.
No need to send your visitors to another site!


Commissions rate is 30% to 50%.
You receive a check and a detailed Sales Reading each month


  1. Paste the snippet of code we provide on your site.
  2. That’s it. Relax. Everything is automated.



We offer 10 numerology reports to affiliates to sell directly from their site


Your visitor selects a reading and pays using our secure payment gateway. They never leave your website.


Numerology reports are delivered directly to your customer in Pdf format


Purchasing, creating, and delivering readings is fully automated. Your client receives it instantly.


Numerology reports sold through pay a high commission.


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Sell numerology reports from your mobile phone or tablet

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All numerology reports created by Hans Decoz, author of Numerology: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny.

All numerology readings created by Hans Decoz, author of Numerology: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny.

Hans Decoz is the author of the most popular numerology readings and numerology software on the Internet.