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Feedback for Decoz Numerology Software

Thanks! By the way, I just love your numerology program! I ran one off for my son and he said it was excellent and wanted me to run one off for his ex-girlfriend, which he said was right on. I searched for a year for a good numerology program and I felt yours was the best I could find. GOOD WORK!

J. Zakrajsek, Hawaii


My husband and I read our numerology readings last night and we are very impressed.

Your readings are comprehensive and accurate. We have ordered numerology and astrology readings before, but yours are much more specific than anything we have ever seen.

We are enclosing an order for 3 more numerology readings for our sons.

Thank you.

M. and W. Eiland


I just want you to know that I'm very impressed with your system. I've dabbled in Numerology for many years feel very fortunate to have accidentally found your programs through the search tools. Thank you so much for your dedication to this specialized field.

R. Rhae


I have studied numerology for over 10 years. I own 2 numerology software programs from different companies. I wish I had seen your software earlier. I would not have wasted my money on the other programs. Your version is better than anything I have seen. There is no comparison. Please let me know when your version with daily forecasts becomes available.

J. Piedmont


I am in full agreement of the superiority and uniqueness of your numerology reports. It has been wonderful, accurate, and very informative.

Your Friend,
K. Floodberg


Have just done a numerology reading on myself using your numerology software to get an idea of what you have to offer. Impressive; to say the least. Far more detailed than the book I have been using so far. Hope that many people will benefit from it.

Kind regards
H. Pellikaan


I honestly cannot get over what I am reading in this material you offer. What is especially enlightening is information on my parents who I was estranged from since my young adulthood due to several factors, including theological differences. So much makes more sense to me now! Better late than never perhaps, but it would have been grand to show them why we were always in such disagreements over weighty issues and needs.

Thank you again for this fabulous numerology report...what a joy it must be to know you have helped so many in have met the challenge of your own calling, and to have done so with so much generosity. Continued success in all you do...

M. Jaggi


Dear Mr. Decoz

Thank you for replacing my numerology software. I am impressed that although I purchased the software more than 4 years ago, you shipped free replacement copies immediately following my cry for help. I will make backup copies to prevent losing them again with the next crash.

Thank you so much. It is very unusual to get this kind of service anymore.

Tony M.