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Birth Name: John Winston Lennon
Short Name: John Lennon
Birth date: October 09, 1940

Your Expression: 46/10/1
Your Heart's Desire: 23/5
Your Personality: 23/5
Your Heart's Desire - Personality Bridge: 0
Your Life Path: 15/6
Your Birthday: 9
Your Life Path - Birth Day Bridge: 3

Your First Challenge: 8
Your Second Challenge: 4
Your Third Challenge: 4
Your Fourth Challenge: 4

Your Life Path - Expression Bridge: 5
Your Rational Thought: 2
Your Maturity: 7

Period Cycles
Your First Period Cycle: 1
Your Second Period Cycle: 9
Your Third Period Cycle: 5

Pinnacle Cycles
Your First Pinnacle Cycle: 1
Your Second Pinnacle Cycle: 5
Your Third Pinnacle Cycle: 6
Your Fourth Pinnacle Cycle: 6

Your Balance: 9

Hidden Passions
You have a Hidden Passion of 5

Karmic Lessons
You have a Karmic Lesson of 4
You have a Karmic Lesson of 7

Your Cornerstone: J
Your Subconscious Self: 7

Your Physical Plane: 10/1
Your Mental Plane: 42/6
Your Emotional Plane: 30/3
Your Intuitive Plane: 0

Your Minor Expression: 13/4
Your Minor Heart's Desire: 17/8



The Power and Limitations of Numerology

Numerology is an art thousands of years in the making. Like any Metaphysical science, it hinges on the understanding that all things are interconnected. Your numerology profile analyzes the connection between the letters and numbers linked to you, revealing your talents, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, preferences, and a range of other qualities.

To use an analogy, think of numerology's nine single-digit numbers as nine tubes of paint, each a distinctly different color. Imagine you are a work of art painted by a master artist who used every color available to create your image. The depiction is unique and complex: a fusion of bright and subdued colors, shapes and shadows, light and reflection, subtle and bold textures. The deeper you look, the more you perceive and appreciate the many layers that makeup who you are.

A comprehensive numerology profile, along with your honest reflection, can be a powerful self-help tool in identifying underlying traits and new possibilities. The better you know yourself, the more control you have over life's changes and the greater your potential for a successful, fulfilled life. Numerology is not infallible, nor does it promise to answer every question, but I feel confident you will find many things to contemplate in the following pages. You are unique, and so is your Profile. We hope you enjoy your reading.

Hans Decoz and World Numerology


Your Personality Profile

Conventional numerology readings focus on two aspects of your chart: You and Your Future. Our Profile takes a different approach by adding a third angle, Your Path. Just as your DNA determines your physical body, a blueprint of your personality is an inborn part of you from the very beginning.

Your Profile begins with insight gleaned from your name because that is where we learn WHO you are. It describes the talents, strengths, and other distinct characteristics you were born with. Just as your physical body grows and changes with time, so does your personality. Your personal evolution begins at the moment of your birth. From that point on, the choices you make, the goals you set, your environment, opportunities, challenges, the influence of others, and a thousand other factors alter who you become.

Your Personality Profile begins with an overview of the combined influence of the core numbers derived from your name: your Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality. This has never been done before and is perhaps the most dramatic improvement in Decoz' latest work.



Below is the name section taken from your Decoz Color Chart (the DC icon in the Readings and Charts section). To learn more about these symbols and numbers, click the Learn More link at the bottom of the chart.

Numerology Chart for John Lennon



How Your Name Numbers Stack Up

John, we begin by taking a quick snapshot, a look at the influence and meaning of the three core numbers derived from your name.

Your Expression number is the sum of the value of all the letters in your full name at birth. Your Heart's Desire is the sum of the vowels. Your Personality number is the sum of the consonants. These three numbers are closely linked and influence one another.

All the numbers derived from your name reflect YOU. They are a blueprint of your talents, shortcomings, character traits, and other qualities. You should realize that this is a limited perspective. Later chapters focus on the challenges and opportunities you will encounter on your path, and attributes you may acquire as time passes.

This first chapter is like a glance from a distance, followed by three chapters that explain the meaning of each number in more detail. We will gradually build a more complete picture of the complex and unique individual you are.

Your Core Numbers

John, both your Heart's Desire and your Personality numbers are 5. Your Expression is 1. A double 5 supporting a 1 is a powerful combination with many options. You have more career choices than most people do. However, when the 5 energy is this strong, controlling it can be a real challenge. 

Your 5 Heart's Desire tells us that you are an adventurer at heart. You are very likely easily bored, desiring change and variety. Your 5 Personality creates the impression that you are a bit of a rebel, unpredictable and difficult to read. You are unconventional and likely express it, at least in part, through your appearance.

Fortunately, thanks to your potent 1 Expression number, you have the ability to lock into a goal and pursue it to the end. Funneling your 5 energy toward that goal, will be your particular challenge. Stay focused and you will be unstoppable.

As to your personal life, you will probably have quite a few romantic experiences, more than most people. You may want to consider not committing to a serious relationship until at least age 30; you may not know yourself well enough to recognize what you want until then. Your need for freedom is such a dominant factor in your life, it can make commitment feel like a threat to your happiness. You may be past your 20's before you find some measure of stability and balance in this and other areas of your life. 

You are generally a late bloomer, not because you are slow, but because you are curious and inquisitive and want to try everything that comes your way. This takes time, just as walking a path while making numerous detours delays your arrival.

Now let's look at each of your core numbers individually.


John Lennon has a 1 Expression number

Your Expression Number

Your Expression number, calculated from your full name at birth, reveals the orientation or goal of your life. Some numerologists refer to this as your Destiny number because it represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming. Thus, the Expression number, to some extent, reveals the person you aim to be.

Your Expression is the most influential of the three characteristics that make up who you are. It is also the number with the most influence on your choice of career, although other aspects are important as well.

Your Expression is 46/10/1

You are a natural leader, independent and individualistic. You are extremely ambitious, original, and courageous. You employ new and unproven methods. You are an explorer and an innovator. Openness to too many peripheral influences limits and frustrates you. You are self-reliant, confident, and energetic. You easily assume the role of protector. You spring into action when leadership is needed.

You possess executive abilities and are most successful at owning or independently managing a business. You need the freedom to make your decisions, based on your ideas. You can be an astute politician. You also possess the ability to influence the opinions of your milieu.

The number 1 symbolizes the front-runner, pioneer, warrior, risk-taker, and daredevil. Generals, top politicians, successful businessmen, self-made millionaires, religious leaders, inventors, activists, and avant-garde artists are often born with a 1 Expression.

Strength and perseverance are central to your success. You must be willing to travel the frontiers of life, away from the beaten path. You possess a great reserve of willpower that must be directed at your goals. You do not give up, but relentlessly pursue your aims.

John, you are quite opinionated. People tend to be inspired or repelled by your strong personality. You have great powers of concentration and the ability to visualize your goals, thus making them more attainable. You stand up for your convictions and hold your ground. All of these abilities enhance your chances of success in life.

There is a tendency to be self-centered. You can be domineering and, in the extreme, a bully. You can be highly critical of others, complaining that people lack the industry or determination you possess. But this lack of understanding can alienate friends and family members from you. You must learn to control this tendency to maintain harmony in relationships. Once you are convinced of the inherent correctness of your ideas, you stubbornly -- and sometimes rigidly -- defend and propagate them. Avoid obstinacy and antagonism. You must cultivate balance, compassion, and perseverance.

Pride can be your downfall. You so powerfully identify with your goals and ambitions, you sometimes refuse to see a potential flaw or weakness in your well-laid plans.

You possess strength and determination, which, when applied to any endeavor you are committed to, will lead you to great success in life.


John Lennon has a 5 Heart's Desire numberYour Heart's Desire Number

The Expression number described above points to a more productive side of your life. Your Heart's Desire reflects a deeper, inner you; it suggests an underlying urge, your true motivation, and the general intention behind many of your actions. It reveals the environment and lifestyle you prefer, as well as your likes, dislikes, and the type of people you are drawn to. Consequently, it dramatically influences the choices you make in life. 

It makes sense that the vowels of your name are the foundation for your Heart's Desire. Vowels are the peaks and valleys of a language. Notice how vowels leave your mouth in a free-flowing breath. Try it: Aaaa.... Eeee.... Oooo.. Consonants though, are cut off either at the beginning or in the end. You might say that it is in the flow of your breath that you express your deeper self.

Your Heart's Desire is 23/5

Freedom is essential for your happiness. You love change, new experiences, meeting new people, adventure and travel. You love the exotic, faraway places. Variety is more than mere spice of life -- you thrive on it. You are extremely flexible and adaptable. You have more curiosity than the proverbial cat. You have a sharp mind and a natural ability with words. You are a born communicator, clear, fluent, and imaginative in every area that interests you -- which are many!

Your Heart's Desire makes you very well equipped for life. Change -- the only constant in life -- doesn't threaten you, as it does other people. You are highly resourceful. Generally, you can think clearly in a crisis; you have good mental and physical reflexes. Whenever you fall, you tend to land on your feet.

You are highly enthusiastic. You get excited easily over a new idea or opportunity. Your nature is unconventional. You are a bit of a gambler, taking risks whenever you think the rewards are worth it.
You are very socially oriented and rarely, if ever, dull or boring. You are, of course, drawn to those people who, like yourself, are original thinkers and have exciting personalities.

You enjoy being involved in several projects at the same time. You need continual stimulation by the new and fascinating. You tend to discard boring pastimes quickly. Your love of freedom and change can have numerous consequences. You can be irresponsible, especially when it comes to finishing tasks. You have a hard time persevering at a given project and bringing it to completion.

You must be careful that your love of sensory pleasure doesn't lead you to excessive indulgence in alcohol, food, sex, and even drugs.

You are a bit of a hero and want to save the world. This causes you to make promises you often cannot keep. Down deep, you long to please everyone, an impossible goal. Many 5s can be emotionally superficial. They feel love passionately, but fear making deep and lasting commitments. As a result, they resist the depths of emotional attachments and remain on the surface where it is safe.

You will experience many changes and unusual events, but you learn best through experience. Therefore, your life will be full and you will make great strides in personal growth.



John Lennon has a 5 Personality number

Your Personality Number

The consonants of your full name at birth are the foundation of your Personality number, which is a little like a narrow entrance hall to the great room that is your true nature. It's the outer layer of your personality, the part you feel more or less comfortable sharing. With time and trust, you invite others into the deeper aspects of your nature. 

Your Personality number serves as a censoring device in terms of what you send out, as well as whom and what you allow to approach. For this reason, your Personality is usually much narrower and more protective in its definition than the real you. It also gives an indication of how others perceive you.

Your Personality number is 23/5

You are a stimulating person. You brighten social gatherings with your fresh and original ideas. Your conversation tends to be sprinkled with novelty and wit. You have a quick tongue and charisma. You are probably an excellent salesman. There is a lot of nervous energy within you looking for an outlet. You love your freedom and you see this life as an ongoing adventure. You are upbeat and optimistic. This is infectious for those you meet. As a result, you inspire others. You have a strong and attractive body, with good muscle tone. Your movements are supple, graceful, and athletic.

Your bane is that you love to indulge your senses with food and drink and can easily gain weight. You have an appetite for anything that stimulates the senses -- sex, food, alcohol, and drugs. Discipline is a necessity for you. The negative side of a 5 Personality Number can give rise to an addictive personality.

You like to dress fashionably and can get away with more colorful clothes. However, you should be aware of the value of quality and the power of modesty.

You are a little irresponsible and quick in satisfying your sensual urges. You are attractive and that, coupled with your innate ability to promote yourself, makes it easy for you to satisfy your desire for new and exciting relationships. You have a kind of swashbuckling personality. People see you as the adventurer that you are. They expect the unexpected from you, and when they don't you often surprise them.

You have a quick and eclectic mind. You attract information from all directions, but you can be a bit superficial, skimming over the surface of a wide diversity of subjects. This may cause you to be a bit of a dilettante. You can get away with it much of the time, but for your own success and happiness, you should try to ground knowledge and deepen your understanding.

Your versatility and adaptability make you capable of getting the most out of virtually every opportunity in life. You decide quickly on a course of action and your timing is usually good. You radiate with the potential for success, which attracts others who can further you along your path.

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