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Numerology's Attitude number is the same as the Sun Number
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Your Attitude Number and How it Affects You

Your Attitude number reflects how you respond to changes and events that come your way as a result of your cycles.

It is also called your Sun Number and it is based on your date of birth.

To calculate your Attitude number, simply add your month and day of birth and reduce to a single digit.

For example, if you were born November 28, November is the 11th month, so add 11 + 28 = 39, which reduces to 12 (3+9), which further reduces to 3 (1+2).

Master numbers are not recognized in this aspect of the chart, only the single digit numbers.

The Meaning of the Attitude Numbers


Attitude Number 1

Individuals embodying Attitude number 1 exhibit an unwavering and determined outlook, tackling changes with a fearless resolve. Their assertive "damn the torpedoes" attitude makes them adept at confronting challenges head-on. Powered by inner strength and motivation, they fear no confrontation, though their impulsiveness can sometimes lead them astray.

Blessed with boundless energy and steadfast stamina, those with Attitude number 1 navigate even the toughest times with resilience. Yet, there is a tipping point where they become susceptible. When reaching this breaking point, they may fracture suddenly, necessitating considerable time for recovery.

Quick to react, individuals with Attitude number 1 often overlook the subtle signs preceding impending changes until it is too late. Learning to discern these indicators is crucial for their development.

Naturally independent, they eschew reliance on external support or guidance, driven by a fierce ambition and a determined aggression in their approach to tasks. While their intense focus may sometimes appear standoffish, they excel in leadership roles, exerting a profound influence on those around them.

Motivated by an unwavering pursuit of success, they thrive on proving their capabilities, effortlessly earning recognition from others. Yet, some may grapple with self-doubt, seeking constant validation to unlock their full potential.

Innovation defines their life approach, as they value independence and self-reliance. However, this autonomy may deter them from seeking help when needed, despite their self-motivation and competitiveness.

Despite their inclination towards self-reliance, underlying insecurities may drive them to rely heavily on others for validation, especially in leadership positions.


Attitude Number 2

Those guided by Attitude number 2 approach changes with cautious deliberation, assessing potential outcomes meticulously before proceeding. Preferring diplomacy over direct confrontation, they navigate situations with finesse, drawing support from others and sharing both victories and challenges.

Intuitive by nature, those aligned with the second attitude number often foresee changes before they manifest, leveraging their understanding of human nature and keen intellect to their advantage. However, this intuition may sometimes lead them into manipulating situations, resulting in unforeseen repercussions.

With a sharp sense of timing, they adapt swiftly to inevitable circumstances, though they may occasionally yield without a significant struggle. Nevertheless, their resilience ensures quick recovery from setbacks, displaying empathy towards others while guarding against selfish tendencies.

In matters of romance, individuals with Attitude number 2 are sensitive and intuitive partners, valuing sincerity and authenticity. While they shy away from conflict, they exhibit unwavering resolve when needed, prioritizing their partner's happiness and fulfillment.

Inherently sensitive, they exude an amiable and agreeable demeanor, easily swayed in various scenarios. Intrigued by the mystical and supernatural, they possess a captivating allure, guided by intuition and a quest for deeper understanding.

Some with Attitude number 2 claim mystical abilities, such as clairvoyance, using their keen perception to analyze situations with remarkable accuracy. Experiencing phenomena like déjà vu and manifesting destiny are common for them, highlighting their innate mysticism and instinctual wisdom.

In facing life's peculiar challenges, individuals with Attitude number 2 rise to the occasion, navigating with a blend of intuition and mystique, emerging triumphant amidst life's enigmatic trials.


Attitude Number 3

People with Attitude number 3 epitomize innovation and creativity, effortlessly uncovering unconventional solutions. Their infectious optimism spreads like wildfire, yet beneath their cheerful exterior lies a hint of childlike whimsy that may lead them to evade responsibilities.

Skimming the surface with their sharp wit and humor, those aligned with Attitude number 3 prefer to maintain a carefree demeanor, avoiding deep emotional entanglements. Nevertheless, when confronted with significant challenges, they astonish themselves and others with their unwavering perseverance, bravery, and resolve.

Creativity is their hallmark, empowering them to seize opportunities and confront obstacles with flair. However, their efforts may occasionally fall short of their potential, leaving behind a trail of unfinished endeavors and unmet commitments. Successful Attitude number 3 individuals learn to channel focus and discipline, deriving immense satisfaction from achieving their objectives.

In matters of the heart, individuals guided by Attitude number 3 may initially project a superficial and flighty persona, concealing a profound emotional depth. They recoil from negativity and approach significant life changes, including romantic entanglements, with caution. While they may engage in fleeting romantic encounters, they hesitate to commit unless met with patience and empathy.

Often the soul of social gatherings, those embodying Attitude number 3 possess magnetic personalities that effortlessly attract others. Intelligent and astute, they wield their dynamic qualities to achieve feats and captivate their peers. Yet, they may grapple with Peter Pan syndrome, resisting the allure of full-fledged adulthood.

Their mood exerts a considerable influence on their surroundings, as they radiate joy on brighter days but may emanate frustration during darker moments. Despite occasional fluctuations, they rebound swiftly from adversity, showcasing resilience and adaptability.

Exceptional conversationalists, they offer invaluable insights and entertainment, inspiring and uplifting those in their orbit. With their blend of creativity and social finesse, individuals with Attitude number 3 unlock opportunities, serving as the lifeblood of social gatherings and enriching the lives of their companions with their effervescent spirit.


Attitude Number 4

Individuals embodying Attitude number 4 epitomize meticulousness and diligence, tackling tasks with a methodical and effective approach. Steadfast and unwavering, they withstand significant challenges, yet harbor a reluctance toward change, preferring to maintain the status quo.

Their relentless pursuit of excellence is commendable, investing substantial effort into their pursuits without yielding to procrastination. However, their quest for perfection may breed frustration, rendering them less jovial in work settings. Wrestling with the notion of leisure, they prioritize work over recreation.

While their demanding demeanor may occasionally border on cruelty or lack of empathy, they hold themselves to the same exacting standards as they do others. Driven by success, they prioritize accomplishments, recognizing the necessity of risk-taking to realize their aspirations.

In matters of the heart, individuals aligned with Attitude number 4 navigate the unpredictable landscape of romance cautiously, favoring stability over volatility. Yet, once committed, their loyalty knows no bounds, compensating for their subdued passion with steadfast devotion.

Resolute and unwavering, they form the backbone of society, esteemed for their dependability and commitment. Often perceived as risk-averse, they derive joy from life's simpler pleasures and prioritize the welfare of their loved ones, occasionally misconceived as overbearing.

Methodical and introspective, they analyze situations meticulously, arriving at informed decisions through thorough deliberation. Possessing exceptional organizational prowess, they exude honesty and loyalty, earning the trust and reliance of their peers despite occasional emotional detachment.

Individuals with Attitude number 4 epitomize responsibility, integrity, and loyalty, embodying values that underscore their steadfast character. Though they may appear emotionally reserved, their unwavering intolerance for dishonesty underscores their principled approach to life.


Attitude Number 5

In the realm of numerology, the 5 shines as the epitome of adaptability, thriving amidst change and unpredictability. Individuals embodying Attitude number 5 are fearless adventurers, drawn to novelty and excitement, embracing spontaneity over routine.

Naturally, social beings revel in the company of others, eager to explore uncharted territories and new experiences. However, their aversion to stability can sometimes lead to challenges with discipline and addiction.

Successful Attitude number 5s harness their boundless energy towards meaningful endeavors, eschewing short-lived goals for sustained dedication. In matters of the heart, they surprise with their depth of passion and commitment, transitioning from thrill-seekers to devoted partners when love ignites their souls.

Loyalty is their hallmark, yet they abhor being taken for granted, cherishing their freedom above all else. Though not predisposed to long-term relationships, they infuse fun, loyalty, and sensuality into their commitments, savoring life's pleasures to the fullest.

Compatible partners for those with Attitude number 5 include the 1, 3, 5, 6, and 7, drawn to their adventurous spirit and vibrant personality.

Bold and imaginative, individuals embodying Attitude number 5 epitomize risk-taking, unafraid of change and always seeking new horizons. Often captivating the spotlight, they revel in attention, thriving on flirtation and lively discourse.

Their fearless and progressive nature propels them towards success, though their penchant for drama may occasionally land them in tumultuous waters. Yet, their zest for life and openness to new experiences bring fulfillment and excitement, making them magnetic forces in any social setting.


Attitude Number 6

In numerology, Attitude number 6 embodies harmony and selflessness, placing the needs of others above their own. They serve as pillars of unity, fostering love and respect within their communities through their caregiving nature. While grounded and rational, they may sometimes exhibit self-righteousness and a narrow viewpoint, asserting authority without due merit.

With a keen sense of duty, individuals with Attitude number 6 excel in structured environments, blending realism with idealism in their pursuits. Patient and persevering, they commit to long-term goals with unwavering determination.

Despite their altruism, they may confine themselves to rigid belief systems, hindering their growth. Successful Attitude number 6s recognizes the importance of expanding their horizons and embracing new experiences beyond their comfort zones.

In matters of love, the 6 Attitude number approaches relationships with sincerity and devotion, lavishing their partners with affection. However, they may grapple with promiscuity, driven by a desire to give themselves completely.

While they may cause heartache, they also bring profound joy to their partners, their generosity being their greatest asset when balanced. Esteemed for their nurturing nature, individuals with Attitude number 6 cultivate strong social bonds, providing solace and support to their circle.

Perceived as caregivers and homemakers, they prioritize family, beauty, and domesticity. However, their pursuit of perfection may lead to tendencies of control and discontent, necessitating a harmonious balance between their ambitious standards and self-care.


Attitude Number 7

In the domain of philosophy and spiritual introspection, individuals with Attitude number 7 hold sway. Their innate curiosity drives them to probe beneath the surface, seeking profound insights into every facet of existence. Unfazed by changes, they navigate life with a sense of detachment that may inadvertently lead to a lack of recognition.

The 7 embodies a curious duality, exhibiting both introverted and extroverted tendencies within the same persona. Dreamers at heart, they harbor lofty ideals, prioritizing intellectual and spiritual pursuits over worldly gains.

Shallow interactions and superficiality repel those with Attitude number 7, who yearn for depth and authenticity in their relationships. Despite their reserved demeanor, many find solace in fields like psychology and psychiatry, leveraging their emotional intelligence to navigate complex human dynamics.

Successful 7s embrace their emotions, understanding that not all challenges can be solved through logic alone. In matters of love, they often bloom later in life, prioritizing spiritual and intellectual connections over mere physical attraction. However, once love takes hold, they become devoted partners, prioritizing their significant other's happiness above all else.

Driven by a thirst for knowledge, 7s are perpetual seekers, constantly expanding their understanding of the world. While perceived as enigmatic, their introspective nature often leads to profound insights that elude others.

If you resonate with Attitude Number 7, you excel in strategy, data analysis, and intuitive decision-making. Your reserved demeanor may conceal a wealth of wisdom, although your occasional tendency towards passive-aggressiveness can create barriers in relationships. Nonetheless, your eagerness to share your insights and engage in profound exploration makes you an invaluable ally to those who appreciate the depths of your intellect.


Attitude Number 8

Individuals embodying Attitude number 8 exude authority, thriving on control in every facet of life. However, when faced with uncontrollable circumstances, their demeanor may shift, revealing signs of agitation and frustration. While their assertiveness may border on aggression, their keen discernment and forward-thinking mindset often distinguish them from others.

Balancing practicality with detachment, 8s navigate the material realm effortlessly, unshackled by conventional attachments. This freedom empowers them to seize opportunities deemed too risky by others, although their optimism may occasionally lead to disappointment. Nonetheless, setbacks fail to deter their resilience for long, highlighting their unwavering determination.

Paradoxically, 8s often grapple with authority, sometimes rebelling against societal norms. Yet, successful individuals prioritize clarity of judgment over impulsive reactions, sidestepping pitfalls that obstruct their progress.

In matters of romance, 8s may project an aura of aloofness, their level-headedness tempering the flames of passion. However, with a confident and secure partner, enduring bonds can flourish, grounded in mutual respect and commitment. While not overtly demanding or generous, 8s exhibit unwavering loyalty and protectiveness towards their loved ones.

As natural leaders, those with Attitude number 8 command respect and inspire transformative change. Proficient in financial matters, they leverage their influence to provide for their inner circle. Assertive and opinionated, they exude confidence and disdain mediocrity.

Individuals embodying Attitude Number 8 project an aura of confidence and power. Blunt and outspoken, they prioritize financial security while aspiring to elevate themselves and those around them. Despite their assertiveness, they remain driven by a relentless pursuit of achievement and success.


Attitude Number 9

Individuals embodying Attitude number 9 epitomize idealism, often gravitating towards careers in politics, the military, or law enforcement due to their global consciousness. While they may project an aura of aloofness and detachment, this demeanor serves as a protective shield against emotional entanglements, as they prefer a rational and objective approach.

Meticulous planners, 9s thrive on well-thought-out strategies and adapt easily to changing circumstances, making them invaluable long-term planners and advisors. Despite excelling in leadership roles, they may encounter challenges with the intricacies of business finances and taxes.

For a 9, fulfillment lies in endeavors larger than themselves, fueled by a deep-seated desire to leave a meaningful impact. However, this pursuit of significance can sometimes be perceived as arrogance or self-righteousness. Successful 9s learn to embrace diversity and accept others as they are, earning either admiration or disdain from those they encounter.

When it comes to love, the 9 may initially appear distant, requiring initiative-taking efforts from potential partners to bridge the gap. Yet, once committed, they prove to be considerate, generous, and tolerant companions, valuing intimacy and allowing space for their partner's personal growth. Suitable partners for the 9 include those with Attitude numbers 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 8.

Nines epitomize prudence, embodying a gentle yet socially aware disposition. Renowned for their humanitarian efforts, they dedicate themselves to noble causes, often sacrificing personal comfort for the greater good. Their innate charisma and creative flair make them natural leaders and teachers, although they may struggle with receiving recognition for their endeavors due to their selfless nature.


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