Dancing on the Edge of Eternity

What Life Is; Dancing on the Edge of Eternity, by Hans Decoz


This book is short - it will take you 10 minutes from cover to cover - but if you listen carefully it might change your outlook on life.


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See excerpts below:

What Life Is, page 5, Life: An elusive reality; a hidden presence, but a presence, nonetheless


What Life Is, page 6, Life: To accept that Life is a presence may well be the greatest challenge to the mind or the imagination.


What Life Is, page 7, Life: Artists have painted souls and spirits and auras - these are things we can imagine. We can’t imagine Life.


What Life Is, page 23, The most powerful person in the world will be the one who can capture Life, store it, then distribute it at will.


What Life Is, page 24, Is the Life inside an extra-terrestrial the same as the Life that dwells inside of me?


What Life Is, page 26, When you look into someone’s eyes, do you see Life?


What Life Is, page 36, Science cannot put Life back in a body once it’s gone either, hard as we try.


What Life Is, page 37, Why is it, that science – or religion, for that matter – never asks what Life is?


What Life Is, page 46, We are sandwiched in eternity as it stretches before us and behind us, the “now” a razor’s edge; a fraction of a nanosecond serving up an illusion of reality.


What Life Is, page 73, Life. Without me, you do not have a consciousness of being.



I’ll keep it short.

Forty-seven years ago, following a rather amazing series of random events, I entered a room where - I had been told - I would receive a kind of initiation. I was skeptical, to say the least, but also desperate.

I was not disappointed.

With the gentleness of a child’s hand and the patience of a monk, I was guided within, to a place where I could feel Life itself, rising, then softly coming down, only to rise again in a perfect fluid motion, as if lifted by the ocean’s gentle waves. It was subtle, yet powerful. I could feel it pull my breath, then let it go, again and again. My lungs were bellows in the hands of Life and I knew nothing could withstand this. I could not deny this omnipotent presence within me.

It was Life; the beginning and the end; the alpha and the omega; the source of all there was and ever will be.

This, and more, I realized instantly. Then I needed a few decades to understand what I had realized. But I knew this was home; this was me; my essence; my true self.

This was my reason for being.

When I left the room, a good two hours later, I was in a state of sheer bliss. I didn’t understand what had happened, certainly couldn’t have put it into words. My mouth split my face from one ear to the other. My heart was bursting, my chest too small to hold the immense joy, and I knew, without a shadow of a doubt, my life would never be the same.

In the blink of an eye, I had become conscious of my being.

Five decades have gone by and I still have difficulty accepting that what I did not expect – but hoped and searched for – had materialized.

Every day since, I take an hour or so to go within, to visit the place where I belong; to meditate without meditating.

I go inside to touch Life and when I do, I know the Life within is the only reality. Everything else is temporary, an illusion.

I can’t imagine Life. I can touch it and feel it but I can not imagine it.

Imagine that.

Hans Decoz


Purchase a hard copy of "What Life Is. Dancing on the Edge of Eternity" from amazon.