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For descriptions of each report and PDF samples you can download and use on your site, click here





Step 1:

Register here to get the code

Sign up here to sell numerology readings directly from your site

Step 2:

These directions are for plain html pages. If you are using WordPress or some other web builder progam, such as WIX or godaddy's web builder, you must add the code directly to the html - you can't use a plugin or third party editor.

Copy and paste the code you received in the confirmation email (iframefile.html.txt) in the <head> and <body> sections of a dedicated, empty page on your site.

Insert code to install sell numerology direct readings

After pasting the code into your dedicated web page, the page should look like this:

This is what the sell-numerology-direct page looks like.

The scroll bar cycles through 14 different report types.

Your visitor selects one or more reports, fills out the birth data form(s), then views their order.

They can edit, delete, or pay for their numerology reading next.

Here they can edit or delete their order, or continue to checkout. If they click Check Out, they are presented with a payment form.

Pay for your reading here.

After making their payment, readings are sent to their inbox within minutes.

Confirmation that the readings have been sent.


Are the reports offered in this program the same as those in Decoz Software?

The reports in the Decoz Numerology Master program are earlier versions (before their updates). Many reports are new and only offered in our online program. Here are some of the differences:

Personality Profile
The differences are too numerous to list here - please view a sample of the updated report here. But to sum up the main differences: Our online version adds the important Core Name Numbers overview. Additional Bridge numbers were added, and many chapters were edited to improve readability. We also re-arranged the order in which some chapters appear.

Yearly Forecast
Chapters to describe the combined influences of overlapping cycles have been added and many texts have been edited. View a sample here.

Relationship Compatibility Profiles and Forecasts
Almost all texts were edited for readability. View samples here.

The Diamond Spirit Guide
The Decoz Master program describes only one Diamond, but there are actually two in play at any time. The new report describes both. View a sample here.

Name Advisor (Soon to be included.)
We will offer two different Name Advisors - one for people (or pets) and one for business. This change highlights the difference between the two report types. Names for people affect the person bearing the name, while business names express the energy/feeling people perceive when they hear the name.

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What is the cost per report?

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What about refunds?

Refunds are handled by World Numerology. We are quick to refund, because we don't want unhappy customers for any reason. If your customer wants a refund, send us their email address, data of purchase, and report(s) purchased, and we will let you know when a refund has been initiated, so you can let your customer know that their funds should be back in their account in 3 to 5 business days.

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