Personal Year Numerology Forecast.

Your Personal Numerology Forecast

Numerology recognizes several cycles and numbers in your chart as affecting your yearly forecast. The most common is the Personal Year cycle, which in turn is divided in Personal Month cycles.

Many sites, including ours, offer your numerology predictions based on your Personal Yearly cycles - you can find yours here - because they are popular and easy to calculate, but the truth is that the insight gleaned from one cycle is limited.


However, for an in-depth look at your personal numerology forecast, we need to include your Transit and Essence cycles, as well as your long-term cycles.


Cycles That Affect Your Yearly Forecast


Your Transit and Essence cycles are far more unique to you than the Personal Year and Personal Month cycles, not only in the patterns they produce, but their time span and other factors.

This is due to the way they are calculated; they are based on your full name at birth, as opposed to your date of birth. You can learn more on that here, but be forewarned, their calculations are complex. (Of course, you can always use our Chart Calculator to learn what your cycles are.)


Whereas you share your Personal Year cycles with 11% of humans, the cycles based on your name are shared with only a small fraction of that.

In addition, while the Personal Yearly cycles are external - meaning they reveal circumstances and events outside of you - the cycles based on your name are internal; they reveal your state of mind; where you want to go, and where you will be putting your energy.


What Your Personal Year Means


Personal Year cycles reveal the circumstances and events that will affect you that year, but they cannot, by definition, be precise and specific for the simple reason that you share those exact same numbers with one out of nine people. (It would be a very different world, indeed, if 11% of the population experienced the same or similar events.) It is like a horoscope; even when accurate, it is not particularly specific to the individual.

Nonetheless, it is important knowledge that you can use to prepare yourself for the coming year.

Think of it as a small hole in a wall around a courtyard; when you put your eye to it, you may only see a small part of what is behind that wall, but it gives you some idea, whereas without that hole, you wouldn’t have a clue.


How to Calculate Your Personal Year


Your Sun Number is the pivot point for your Personal Year, Month, and Day cycles and found by simply adding your month and day of birth and reducing that to a single digit.

For example, if you were born April 12, you add 4 (for April) and 12, is 16, and reduce that by adding 1 + 6 = 7. If you know your Sun Number- which never changes - your personal cycles are easy to calculate.

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The Personal Year cycle is your Sun Number plus the calendar year.

So, if your Sun Number is 7, your Personal Year cycle for 2021 is 7 + 2021 = 2028, which reduces to 3 (2 + 2 + 8 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3)

To find your monthly cycle, simply add the month to the Personal Year. In the case of our example, for January, that would be 3 + 1 = 4. January would be a 4 Personal Month for this person.


Fun fact: Many people get confused when they receive a Yearly Numerology Forecast and they realize that the monthly cycles follow a predictable pattern: if October is a 5 month, November will be a 6 month and December a 7 month, but then a funny thing happens: Instead of the next month, January, being an 8 month, it’s showing as 6 month. This is due to the calculation method of your personal cycles. You can read more about that here…


How To Get a Yearly Numerology Forecast?


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