1. Open your (the store’s) app and click Log Out in the top right corner of the home page

  2. Enter your customer’s email address and assign a (temporary) password, click Register

  3. Enter a User Name for the customer. This can be any name they choose – the readings are not based on the user name

  4. Enter the customer’s birth data. Please make sure this is correct - incorrect data creates inaccurate reports. See the example below

  5. On the next page, select your customer’s user name - the app’s home page appears with your customer’s name below the menu bar. Click Reports & Charts in the menu bar

  6. Click any gray icon – click Upgrade Here in the left color field

  7. Make your purchase using your credit card and re-seller code


How to enter the name and birth data into the World Numerology app.


  1. Your Name At Birth
    (left column)

    Enter the full name listed on the individual’s birth certificate. Do not include the suffix Jr., Dr., III, etc.

    If there is a clerical mistake on your birth certificate and you and your parents were not aware of it, or ignored it and used your name as they intended (instead of using the incorrect name), use the spelling your parents used from birth. However, if your parents were aware of the mistake and accepted and used it ever since, you should use it here too.


    In the case of adoption, use the first known name, whether given by the biological parents or the adoptive parents, even if that name was only used for a few days or weeks. Generally, in case of doubt, use the name given by the biological parents.

    Do not use generic names such as Jane Doe.

    If you are unsure, use the name you feel most closely fits you, then use the Name Advisor for people to learn how the alternate name may have affected you as well. If you want more complete information, do a full Personality Report on the alternate name.

    Foreign Names

    The app currently does not support names with foreign characters. Use only names that use the 26 letters of the English alphabet.

  1. When Introducing Yourself Now (right column)

    Your current or short name is the name you use to introduce yourself in a social setting, including your last name. Do not use your middle name unless you commonly use it when introducing yourself in a social setting.

    If you consistently use a nickname, even if it is not considered a “real” name, use that. When in doubt, ask yourself what you would say if someone woke you abruptly from a deep sleep and asked your name.

    Date Of Birth

    Use the date on your birth certificate. In case of doubt due to lost paperwork or adoption, use your best guess, then check your Personality Profile and pay close attention to the descriptions of your Life Path and Birth Day. If they seem completely wrong, the date of birth you entered is most likely wrong. (The influence of dates that follow each other are generally each other's opposites, while dates that are separated by a full day tend to have at least some things in common. In other words, the more "off" those particular chapters appear to be, the more certain that the date is wrong by only one day.)



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