Your Personal Year for 2019 is 2.

Your Personal Month for November is 4.


November is time to get down to business, to focus on work, and finish anything left undone.

Pay attention to the details; don't procrastinate; don't cut corners. Get the picture?

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Numerology Forecast for Sun Number 8 for November 2019


You are laying a foundation for the future, proving to yourself and others that you are worthy of the responsibilities and challenges you have taken on.

Your energy is strong and focused. You can concentrate even when work becomes routine and boring. You are in a crucial stage in your life, but you've got the energy and a take-no-prisoners attitude that will lead you to success. The best way to balance such determination is to get in touch with nature: take a walk in the woods; sit at the edge of the lake; feel the earth and your connection with it.

If you have recently become involved in a romance, this month will bring commitment and stability to the relationship.


YOUR PERSONAL YEAR CYCLE FOR 2019 IS 2. Here's what that means for you...

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The Previous Month, your Personal Cycle for October was 3

You need a break; if possible, take some time off to recharge your batteries.

You need sunshine, relaxation, fun, and laughter with friends.

The only career aspects favorably highlighted are those related to creativity, and inspiring and motivating those with whom you work. It's a good time to express the thoughts and ideas that you've been thinking about for the past several months. You can make a favorable impression on superiors, even with ideas that are a little daring.

Avoid stress and working under pressure now. The next five months give you the strength to survive and even prosper under pressure but avoid stressful situations this month. Postpone important financial decisions if possible, unless they have to do with "fun projects", such as travel, exercise equipment, creative endeavors, and the like. A modest amount of gambling can be healthy and has a better chance of paying off this month than most other months.

Romance is light and playful. Again, postpone important decisions in the area of romance.


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