Numerology Forecast for Sun Number 6 for February 2020

Your Personal Year for 2020 is 1 - Your Personal Month for February is 3.


February brings reasons for optimism, there is a sense of promise and new beginnings in the air.

You see your direction a little clearer, which causes you to lighten up and become more social, especially during the latter part of the month. Your upbeat attitude draws people, as well as support, often from unexpected sources.

A new project or business venture ignites your excitement, energy, and motivation, all of which you manage to communicate clearly to others, thereby motivating them. This is a time for ideas and plans more than action. The actual work does not start until next month, which is fortunate, because focus and discipline are not your strongest qualities during most of this month.

You are quick-witted, and your sense of humor is alive and brighter than it has been for some time. Take time out for leisure and relaxation. Recharge your batteries, you will be burning plenty of juice next month.

Romance is exciting and promising. Your charisma and self-expression are improved, and you feel more comfortable talking about your feelings, your expectations, and your dreams.



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The Previous Month, your Personal Cycle for January was 2

January is not a month to make important decisions without a lot of careful consideration.

Begin this process by taking a critical look at your current state of mind. It's a month of some confusion and self-doubt. More mercurial than usual, you will likely switch from optimism to pessimism and back again. This is to be expected when you go through the kind of deep and personal transformation brought on by a change of long-term cycles; the last year of the previous nine-year cycle and the first year of the incoming nine-year cycle. This period is invariably accompanied by many small and large changes.

Your transformation can be compared to a low-level reformat of your inner hard-disk. When the job is done, much of the information is replaced, gaps are closed, and the bugs are ironed out. You can look forward to a time of greater self-confidence, more energy, and a refreshed and more positive outlook on life.

A 1 Personal Year, 2 Personal Month is highly charged in the areas of romance and friendships.

You may well meet someone who will touch your heart deeply. Friendships intensify and can be very comforting and healing. You will likely find yourself being more helpful and involved in the lives of others, particularly as a counselor or adviser. The energies implicit in the month give you greater sensitivity to feelings -- yours, as well as those of others. You will be tactful and capable of creating harmony where there was turmoil. At times, however, you may be overly sensitive and not handle criticism well.

The month starts slowly and with some difficulties. However, once you've passed the mid-point, you increasingly gain confidence, direction, and momentum toward your goals.



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