Numerology Forecast for Sun Number 5 for August 2021
What is Numerology; with numerologist Hans Decoz



Your Personal Year for 2021 is 1
Your Personal Month for August is 9


As mentioned more than once during previous monthly forecasts, this year offers plenty of changes, and August continues the trend.

Most of this month is dedicated to completion and letting go.


This includes old habits, ideas and concepts that you have recognized as no longer valid, perhaps even projects you have lost interest in, and relationships you have outgrown. It is the latter that may be accompanied with a quite a bit of emotional turmoil.

However, with relationships as well as any other aspect of your life you are ready to let go off, the result is that you make room for the new. Within the context of this two-year transformation mentioned in your yearly forecast as well as your January monthly forecast, August stands out as a kind finality.

By now, you should have a pretty good sense of how and where you changed. However, you should be prepared for some moments of nostalgia and perhaps regret, these are the usual emotions that are part of the cycle of tossing out the old and inviting in the new.

There will be unexplainable emotional upsets, melancholy, and such, but they are essentially the remnants of the old you. Share those feelings with someone close to you. Take comfort in heart-to-heart talks. Still, do not doubt that you now have both feet firmly planted in the new 9-year cycle. You are ready to move ahead.

If your love relationship is fairly recent, or still fragile, this month will likely reveal whether it is of true substance and endurance. Let go of whatever wants to be free; hold on to what wants to stay. And look to a brighter future.


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