Your Personal Year for 2019 is 4


Your Personal Month for July is 2

This July, your relationship with the people in your work or business environment becomes a high priority.

You will need to be sensitive to their needs and desires, and you will probably be called upon to play the role of mediator in a conflict between some of these people. Your success in that role will directly affect your future.

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Numerology Forecast for Sun Number 1 for July 2019


You may be disturbed by these new challenges because they emerge at a time when your workload is considerable. However, you are more sensitive and better able to discern the true basis of the conflict this month.

Your enhanced sensitivity also helps you in other areas of your life. Romance is strongly represented, but should be kept out of the work environment, which may not be an easy thing to do.

You may have the opportunity to go to a concert or some other musical event and because of your enhanced sensitivity, such events will prove very therapeutic. Pamper yourself in healthful ways, such as massage, a new exercise, and dietary regime, or some time near the ocean, in the mountains, in the forest.


YOUR PERSONAL YEAR CYCLE FOR 2019 IS 4. Here's what that means for you...

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The Previous Month, your Personal Cycle for June was 1

June 2019 is a month of promise and opportunity.

June gives you a new start in some area of your life, perhaps career, or some new project or endeavor. Your energy-level increases, as does your excitement for your new direction.

This period requires courage and flexibility. You should also be more verbal: Express your thoughts and feelings; inspire and motivate others to follow your lead. You may have a difficult time relaxing or enjoying yourself outside working hours. But it's important that you do just that.

An attraction to someone at work may signal danger to you. Even if you are committed, this attraction will prove quite powerful. Be careful. It may damage your future in many ways, not least of which is your career. Consider postponing any action in this area.


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