World Numerology Software for Mac

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During installation you will be asked to enter your birth data. Incorrect birth data will produce inaccurate reports!

Sample of how to enter your birth data in our numerology software app.

You can access your free reading and the three numerology charting programs immediately after installation.

Go to the World Numerology software app's Reports & Charts page to view your free reading.

Purchasing a subscription is optional and is done through the app, not via our website

Go to Reports & Charts, click any grey icon, then "Upgrade Here."

Purchase your subscription to the Numerology Readings and Charts via the app

If you don't see the file in the left bottom of your browser window, go to the default folder for your downloads and double-click the file "world-numerology-collection-decoz.pkg"

If you have trouble registering the app, and are using duckduckgo or another no-follow search engine, switch to Google Chrome or Safari

If you have a question, please see our support page, or contact us.

There is more to our numerology app than meets the eye.



Includes your 8-page Personal Numerology Reading and Daily Forecast.
Make one for your friends too!


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Optional Upgrade: Limited time offer - $10 off the Full Subscription.