World Numerology App for Mac

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Please follow the directions below to install the app on your Mac

After downloading, open the file with the following name: "world-numerology-collection-decoz.pkg"

This box will pop up - Do not close it:

Popup box showing World Numerology download image


Click the Apple Menu in the top left of your screen and choose System Preferences: Now open Security and Privacy

Showing Mac security and Privacy image for downnloading app

Choose General and Unlock the lock on the bottom left where it says click the lock to make changes

You will need to type in the password for your Mac. Choose the button that says App Store and identified developers, then click Open Anyway, then re-lock the Security box.

Step 3 in installing the World Numerology app


A new box will pop up that looks like this:

Final step to approve installing the World Numerology app

Click Open.

The Install World Numerology wizzard should open and you can continue to install normally (you may need to click the WN install box again to activate)

Installing the World Numerology app


During installation you will be asked to enter your birth data.

Incorrect birth data will produce inaccurate reports!

Sample of how to enter your birth data in our numerology software app.

The app's opening page:

Go to the World Numerology software app's Reports & Charts page to view your free reading.

Access your free 8-page reading and the three numerology charting programs instantly.

No credit card required.

Purchasing a subscription is optional and through the app

Purchase your subscription to the Numerology Readings and Charts via the app

To upgrade: Go to Reports & Charts, click any grey icon, then "Upgrade Here."

If you have a question, please see our support page, or contact us at [email protected]


A random selection of reviews for the iPhone app - which is identical to the World Numerology software for Mac


As of August 2020: 4.6 stars, 70 reviews


Five star rating for world numerology appStephen Utech, 08/23/2017 Been waiting for this for a long time! I have been a subscriber to World Numerology for a couple of years. The numerology reports are accurate and thorough. It has become a daily practice for me to check out my daily forecast. I love the app. It makes accessing my reports a lot easier and the site is simple and easy to use.

Five star rating for world numerology appHappySpike, 08/22/2017
The best without doubt
Even if you do not have much interest in numerology, this is an amazing app that is a lot of fun and it's very accurate in learning more about yourself. The subscription rate is very reasonable and A good value for the various reports you get.

Five star rating for world numerology appJarren Noble, 09/29/2017
Best Numerology App I've Seen
Wow, what an app. The number of reports I get with the subscription alone sets this app apart from the rest for me. Additionally, the relationship portion (my girlfriend keeps up with her numbers as well) is fascinatingly accurate. Very thankful that an app of this caliber has finally come around!

Five star rating for world numerology appTugitsumhelpwudbnice, 07/05/2018
The Numbers Knew Me...Amazing!
I installed this numerology app last week. I’ve always been interested in numerology and thought I had a pretty good working knowledge of it. Boy was I wrong. Hans Decoz is a master at it. The app is tremendously laid out. The reports are spot on. It is worth the money to gain access too all the numerology reports. At first I thought the free reports would be good enough, but they were so accurate, I wanted more. You won’t be sorry.

Five star rating for world numerology app Sleepy Megs, 08/05/2018
Life Changing
I have been learning little bits about numerology for years, but Hans Decoz has truly shared his genius in this app. Keeps it simple, but still blows your mind 🤯♥️

Five star rating for world numerology app Ae@2020, 12/11/2018
Cool app
Cool app. It has a lot of useful information. And the Reports are easy to understand and very enlightening.

Five star rating for world numerology app Loyaltee94, 04/01/2019
Best Numerology app ever!
The insight on this app is so accurate and the information that is given can be used in your every day life!

Five star rating for world numerology appalwaysbetonyourself, 03/08/2018
I’ve never explored numerology before and it was amazing to read the full Personality and other profiles and see the insights and incredibly accurate information they provided. So worthwhile!!

Five star rating for world numerology appShannon Scout Lane, 05/30/2019
Really informative
This is a great numerology app. The free version includes daily readings that are usually pretty helpful in working more effectively with the energies of the day. The full subscription is jam packed with info (literally took me hours to read through all of it) that is well written and uncanny in its accuracy. I’m really pleased that I upgraded to the full subscription; it’s worth the price.

Five star rating for world numerology appmihwacool, 11/20/2018
Simplicity and ease at its best!
I can immediately tell how much time and effort has been directed into this app - not complex or confusing but especially detailed and informative if you get the upgrade (well worth it). What a great tool to be able to check your daily numbers to help you plan your days wherever you’re at.

Five star rating for world numerology appLynn5109, 11/16/2018
I have dabbled with numerology in the past. Decoz numerology is exactly what I was hoping for. Easy to read reports that make sense to me. I am greatly enjoying the daily forecast and my yearly forecast. I had a few questions before subscribing and I contacted the Decoz World Numerology, I was very impressed with the timely and detailed response that I received. LM

Five star rating for world numerology appgianqui89, 10/18/2017
Excellent, Powerful Insight
This numerology app is a must have. This app provides the insights I can use on a daily basis to improve my life. It is a powerful tool to use to make decisions, get yearly reports, or even get the meaning behind your name. I highly recommend it.

Five star rating for world numerology appDoujnh, 05/01/2020
Most efficient and detailed app
Flawlessly built and 100% worth every penny for the subscription. I am now recommending to all friends because of not only how accurate it is but how effortless it is to use. The daily horoscope is a perfect way to start your day after meditating of course ;)

Five star rating for world numerology appGVanegas92, 05/12/2020
Well done!
This is an in depth analysis of your numerology at a very fair price. I’ve read many other numerology reports and while others have resonated with me in the past, this app seems to be the most comprehensive and offers a variety of reports. Great tool to do some soul searching.

Four star rating for world numerology app 8 Marissa, 06/15/2019
This is an amazing app to be able to see have your name affect your live and how you see the world and how you look at life. You can review all aspects to your live and learn more about your self and others.

Four star rating for world numerology app shawn408, 06/11/2019
Useful information
The app has tons of features and information that gave me great insight on different aspects of my life. I pretty much read something from the app on a daily basis.

Five star rating for world numerology app rallentorres, 08/05/2017
Great app and simple to use
I love the layout of this app. It's simple and easy to use.

Five star rating for world numerology app yebrisita, 03/08/2018
This app gives more detail than any other place ! It’s great

Five star rating for world numerology appJulieE18, 07/26/2018
This numerology app is wonderfully insightful! Very easy to use and so much detailed information that helps you understand and appreciate yourself. The hidden talent is very interesting as well. I highly recommend joining for the year because it unlocks so much more information.

Five star rating for world numerology appRMR0908, 04/19/2019
Most accurate reading of any kind I’ve ever done personally. This app makes it fun and easy to have everything in one place.

Five star rating for world numerology appLaLaLifeQueen, 08/14/2018
Best numerology reports I've ever read!
I am in awe! The information I'm gaining is helping me move forward in my life. I have enjoyed learning about myself, and am delighted in learning a bit about Hans as well. Thank you for being such a gifted numerologist and making such an amazing app.

Five star rating for world numerology appAgooddc, 09/08/2018
I’ve always been fascinated by the spiritual and esoteric world. I’ve had many readings in my life however, this has been the most accurate to date. As I was reading my numerology report, it seemed like someone knew me personally or was inside my head. Best $ I’ve spent in a while.

Five star rating for world numerology appGeorge Dunkle, 04/28/2019
World of numerology
I have been involved in the healing arts and spirituality for over half my adult life. At 62 I began a new venture as a Spiritual Coach. I had been sharing some basic numerology but a was looking for a system that incorporated what I had studied previously. On a search I came upon World of Numerology. From day 1 I have so appreciated
all that has gone into creating this software.
I so love all the generous sharing of insights and information for continued study.
I am considering purchasing this software
In the near future.
Thank you
Renata Dunkle
Spiritual Coach & Mentor

Five star rating for world numerology appvmd2020, 07/11/2020
I start learning numerology a few months ago. Trying to learn and write down my calculations was daunting and time consuming! This app calculates so much for you and gives you so much more insight into all the connections and meanings. I’ll never be this good as an amateur numerologist, so I’m hooked.

Five star rating for world numerology appPharmacistKG, 09/24/2017
Love the new mobile app
I've been using Decoz numerology software for several years. I find it more accurate and helpful to me than astrology. The mobile app makes it even easier to use.

Five star rating for world numerology appansielart, 08/13/2017
The most comprehensive guide to your numerology
I purchased the app because of Hans Decoz, and I'm more than pleased. The information and guidance you are given are very detailed, especially if you purchase the yearly subscription. Love it, love it, love it.

Five star rating for world numerology app elbeal81, 11/11/2017
Love This App!
This was so accurate it freaked me out several times. I have uncovered the why behind so many patterns I repeat in my life. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is interested in understanding their life.

Five star rating for world numerology appNothatkid, 10/26/2018
Very Enlightening & Accurate
When I was first introduced to this app I wasn’t sure that it would be accurate. Not only was it accurate but acutely informative. The enhanced descriptions and details are spot on!

Jane Z123, 05/03/2019
Wonderful Numerology App
This app really goes in depth and above and beyond. There’s an analysis for different stages of your life along with daily readings using numerology. I appreciate the time and effort that have gone into each reading. It’s highly personalized and awesome.

Four star rating for world numerology appJennifer Palais, 08/30/2019
Great information, app doesn’t show up in settings
I love all the reports but the app doesn’t show up in my settings. I removed it and added again but still doesn’t show up.

Five star rating for world numerology app Chitsonelay, 05/05/2018
Nice numerology app
I’ve had tried many numerogy app and sites..
This one is one of my favourite..

Five star rating for world numerology app elleontop, 05/14/2018
Intro to Numerology
I purchased this app because of my desire to learn more about numerology and my self. I LOVE this app! I have already shared it with my family and friends.

Five star rating for world numerology app dahipgroovyfox, 05/20/2019
World Numerology
I love this app! So thorough and informative! My favorite part is the inner reflection reading - eerily accurate! Highly recommend this app!