Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self

A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny

Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny, by Hans Decoz, was first published in 1994 by Avery Publishing Group
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173 Reviews. 4.6 Stars.

Have you ever noticed how some numbers seem to follow us throughout the course of our lives? Consider the numbers we choose when buying a lotto ticket--birth dates, anniversaries, ages, and addresses as well as other hopefully lucky numbers. They each have some personal meaning.

Through the centuries, numerologists have been studying the significance of numbers and perfecting their art in the belief that numbers strongly influence both our behavior and our fate. They have learned that by understanding the meaning of numbers, we can gain greater insight into ourselves.

In Numerology; Key To Your Inner Self: A Complete Guide to Understanding and Using Your Numbers of Destiny, world-renowned numerologist Hans Decoz and accomplished writer Tom Monte have teamed together to produce an easy-to-understand guide that introduces the reader to the basic concepts and applications of numerology.

Presented here is a technique that relates the major questions of an individual’s life –his talents, challenges, career, and personal growth--with the basic numeric facts of his existence--his birth date and name.

The book begins with a fascinating explanation of what numerology is and an intriguing look at the philosophy that lies behind it. It then examines how numerology works, focusing on the numeric meanings of personal names, birth dates, and language in general.

Included is a step-by-step guide to calculating your own numbers and interpreting them in chart form. (Book Reviews)

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A Firsh Made of Water - a novel by Hans Decoz

A Fish Made of Water

Part fiction, part autobiography.

The book follows Johan, an abused child and suicidal heroin addict born and raised in Amsterdam, from the black hole of addiction to the edge of enlightenment with the help of Daenko, an eccentric Physicist living in an abandoned bakery.

Daenko's mysterious poems and unusual explanations of the cosmos and evolution, awaken in Johan a new appreciation for life.

Guided by Daenko's stories, in particular one in which Lao Tzu and Albert Einstein share a meal, and several revealing dreams, Johan's childhood quest for the Holy Grail is revived.

A Fish Made of Water is part autobiography, part fiction. Johan's experience of the unseen world, however, is real.

The book is $12.95 at amazon. Kindle versions are also available.


What Life Is; Dancing on the Edge of Eternity.

What Life Is; Dancing on the Edge of Eternity

Throughout the ages, the question of what Life is has been asked and answered a thousand times and invariably both the question and the answer center on Life’s attributes: what it does, where it came from, what created it, what its meaning is... What you won't find is the answer telling you what Life is.

Are we unable to consider Life as a presence in and of itself, independent from life forms and outside the context of alive versus dead?

When you die everything that was enclosed by your skin is still there, except Life. Life has left you. But what is that thing called Life? What is it made of?

Does Life have particles? If it did, wouldn’t science have found them by now? Is it energy? If it is, wouldn’t scientists be manipulating it?

Why have we not been able to capture or isolate it?

What Life Is; Dancing on the Edge of Eternity, is not an intellectual or philosophical argument, nor does it promote a religious platform. It touches the subject of Life unlike any other text, exploring the most essential question we can ask. The answer it offers is life-changing and may surprise you.

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