You can select one reading or multiple readings.

When you have finished selecting readings proceed to checkout

You will see the readings you selected.

Selected numerology readings done with our online numerology software


Fill out the birth data form

Click the blue "Enter Birth Data" button to enter the person's information

The top box "Your Account Email" is the email that will save and recall data for everyone you purchase readings for. Enter your email address here.

To create accurate readings, it is essential to enter the correct birth data in a precise way. If you do not have their correct and complete birth data, delete the reading from your selection and wait until you do.

Birth Name:
Enter the full birth name just as it is listed on their birth certificate, including their middle name, even if they have never used it. If there is more than one middle or last name, do not include hyphens or spaces, combine them and use capitals to show they are two names. For example SueEllen. Do not use Jr, II or other prefix or suffix. If you are not sure due to adoption or for any other reason, click here.

Current Name:
Enter the first and last name they say when meeting people socially (can be a nick name). Do not enter a middle name in this column unless they always give it during introductions.
You must enter a last name even if they do not give it during casual meetings. Do not use Dr, Jr, II or other prefix or suffix.

Saved birth data

To access birth data for individuals you have previously entered - enter your email address in the top box, then click the tab key in the following box to select their name from the list that appears. Their data will automatically populate the form.

The last two boxes on the data form say Email Report To...

Enter the email addresses you want the reading mailed to.

Click Generate Report

When you are finished filling out the form, you MUST click the green Generate Report button at the bottom before moving on to the next form, or your data will be lost.


To Edit Birth Data

BEFORE PURCHASING - Check all birth data, including spelling. If you made a mistake, you must edit the birth data BEFORE purchasing the reading. To edit the birth info choose Cart in the menu bar and click the green Edit Data button on the reading you wish to change.

Note: It is not possible to change a reading or your client's birth data once you have purchased. Due to the nature of the product and instant delivery, no refunds are available - please double check this info before purchasing.

Setting options for Y and W vowel or consonant status

The Y and W are the only letters that can be a vowel or a consonant, depending on certain variables.

Our Online Numerology software is set up to assign vowel or consonant status (which affects the Heart's Desire, Personality, and several other aspects in the chart) based on accepted rules.

However there are exceptions. For that reason we added the option to give you control and overwrite the default settings in the software. If you think the Y in your name is not correctly assigned vowel or consonant status, you can control it as follows:

How to force vowel or consonant status to the Y and the W

Type an asterisk (*) after the letter to make it a vowel - example: In William, the W is a consonant by default. In W*illiam, the W will be handled as a vowel.

Type a hashtag (#) after the letter to make it a consonant - example: In Yvonne, the Y is a vowel by default. In Y#vonne, you force the Y to be handled as a consonant.

You can test the way our software handles the Y or W in a particular name, and what happens if you add an asterisk or hashtag.

NOTE: This option applies only to the letters Y and W.

When you have finished checking the data for each reading, click the blue Payment Button.

After making your payment, you are directed to the orders page. You will see "Report generation in progress."

Numerology readings in progress

Once the readings are finished, the View and Download buttons appear and your readings have been mailed to the email addresses you specified.

Numerology readings finished and ready for view or download.



Due to the individualized material and immediate delivery of the readings, we do not offer refunds on the readings, unless the issue is our fault. For that reason, it is important to make sure your client's birth data is entered correctly before clicking the Generate Report button. Please double-check spelling and birth data before purchasing.

If there was a problem with a reading you purchased and you think the responsibility is ours, don't hesitate to send us an email.

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Is there a limit to the number of readings I’m allowed to make?

There is no limit.

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Am I allowed to remove Hans Decoz' name and insert my own as the reading's creator?

You may not remove Hans Decoz' name as the creator. Every reading by Decoz is protected by registered copyright so the cover and the reading must remain as you receive it. Hans Decoz name and copyright statement must remain at the bottom of each page of the reading.

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Am I allowed to sell the readings?

Reports offered through the Members Program are for individual use and may not be sold to others. Decoz® readings and the World Numerology® App are protected by copyright.

Numerology/Astrology/Tarot and other Professionals interested in selling Decoz' readings contact us at [email protected]

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World Numerology App subscriptions

After purchase, please allow up 12 hours for the subscription to unlock. For questions about the app click here for app support pages.

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If you need help or have a comment contact us at [email protected]

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