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Anthony Mercier

Jane Vandermeer


Your Monthly Numerology Relationship Forecast


Anthony and Jane, monthly cycles are not as strongly felt as yearly cycles, however, they can have short period of considerable intensity. This is by no means common, but when certain numbers are aligned just so, it can throw things of balance.

If you feel you might be experiencing some turmoil within your partnership, read the monthly compatibility and reflect on its meaning. You will almost always be able to recognize where the friction comes from, and this is a big step towards healing.

You may also want to refresh your memory by taking another look at your Relationship Compatibility Profile as well as your yearly cycles.

Hans Decoz

Anthony, September is an 8 Personal Month in an 8 Personal Year.


September a month with great potential for your career and finances, especially to increase your finances for the long-term. It is a time to be aggressive and outspoken. Your authority is needed and you will have to apply yourself one hundred percent. However, there is another side to this month. You may feel that you have reached the pinnacle of your career, or that work and other areas of your life have become dull and monotonous. You may feel you need a break. You are approaching a time of deep inner change. Several times during your life you have reached a point at which you need to break out of a cocoon. All evolution is gradual, but periodically interrupted by sudden bursts of growth, or change.

Anthony, you are at a stage in your life when you feel ready for such a change. However, you are not clear about the true nature of this change and, while you may feel inspired to force some practical changes now, you should approach this with care. Avoid impulsive decisions as well as any contractual arrangement that would tie you down for a long time. You need to rely on your own strength and feel confident that you have a certain amount of control over your own future. You should relax and let things develop at their own pace. Social events are highly favorable and there will be ample opportunity for that.


Jane, September is a 4 Personal Month in a 4 Personal Year.


Six months or a year from now, you will look back at this month and realize that in some way it represented a turning point on your path to success. However, you may feel frustrated during this month and wonder why everything is moving so slow. In a way, it seems that life has you in a straight-jacket, but in fact you are being protected from yourself. The emphasize is on the irritating and seemingly unnecessarily details. You are forced to deal with things you consider a waste of time. These loose ends can no longer be ignored, but you feel frustrated by the limitations of time and the massive amount of work. The situation is, in fact, two-sided: One side is effort, the other reward. You are being prepared to take full advantage of a string of opportunities that will begin next month, and will continue all next year. The challenge for you is to keep up. For that reason, you must finish the work in front of you now, to make room for the opportunities to come.

Meanwhile, guard your health, especially against the effects of stress and frustration. Jane, you would do well to eat healthy foods and in a regular and orderly fashion. Go to bed early; read to widen your view and escape. Do not dwell on the negative. Leave affairs of the heart to themselves for a while, until this intense period passes.

Late this month, you will start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, looking back you will be grateful and relieved that you took on this process of re-organizing the basics in both your work, and your personal life.


Your Personal Month's Compatibility for September, 2016 is 8 and 4


Anthony and Jane, this cycle’s combination can be either very positive or quite negative. There is usually no middle ground.

Jane might feel like she is slogging through mud in heavy boots - there is progress, but it may feel excruciatingly slow and require considerable effort. Your experience should be just the opposite, where it feels as if everything is there for the taking.

In a relationship, this combination can bring out the best in each of you or enhance your negative traits. For example, your optimistic, ambitious attitude could either be irritating to Jane or help to alleviate periods of frustration and anxiety. And Jane’s effort and methodical approach could be an inspiring influence on you or put a damper on your dynamic energy.

To top it off, it is likely you will both be able to clearly recognize the effect you have on each other during this period. As a result, you will either feel love and appreciation or irritation and blame, depending on the way you respond to one another.

The key to getting the most out of this cycle is to be sensitive to your partner’s needs and state of mind. Try not to get so caught up in your own world that you lose touch with theirs.


Anthony, October is a 9 Personal Month in an 8 Personal Year.


Anthony, October marks the beginning of the end of a certain era in your life. Now you begin to let go of certain expectations you have long held. There is a feeling of emptiness and of "what now?" The time has not yet come to respond to these feelings in a practical way. Now is the time to begin to become comfortable with the need to change. The changes contemplated involve both personal and professional life. For these reasons, October could become an emotional time. Some melodrama and role playing is actually a subconscious way for you to test the people around you, and the depth of their commitment. You are also testing your own position towards people, career, environment, spiritual beliefs, and other aspects of your life. You have, even if you are not aware of it, already begun the process of selecting what you want to remain in your life and what you want to discard. This process, which continues through different stages over the next 2 years, is natural and nothing to be afraid of. You are entering a period of reawakening. This means a letting go of some of the comfort and security that surrounded and protected you for many years.

Start giving some of your energy to a good cause that benefits others. Ultimately, it will benefit you. It takes the spotlight of your doubts and questions, and gives you strength and confidence.

For October, practical matters can be handled with ease. It is much better to pay off debts than to incur new ones. Completion is favored over new starts. It is a time to tie up loose ends, not so much to begin new projects. It is a time to clean up and prepare for new things coming into your life.

You are not in the right mood to pay much attention to romance or personal relationships of any kind, unless it's to test the strength of the relationship. You may be a little judgmental and self-righteous and will need to guard yourself against this sort of thing.


Jane, October is a 5 Personal Month in a 4 Personal Year.


October brings opportunity and change. You may be asked to go on a trip related to work or business. This trip is unexpected but will bring very positive results. Another possibility is that you will be offered a transfer and promotion. Either way, there will be changes in your environment.

Now is the time to take some chances, to promote yourself unabashed, and to reach out to other possible sources of income. If you are in sales or business, this is one of the most promising times of your life.
If your work is service-oriented, you may receive a long-awaited promotion. Friends and family members are supportive. Romance is exciting. It is a dynamic month in all respects and will wipe away the frustrations of last month. However, a warning is in place: You may have a tendency to make impulsive decisions, to be a little irresponsible, and to put your foot in your mouth.

This hectic and dynamic month brings with it some chaos, and restraint is needed to maintain some control over the events.


Your Personal Month's Compatibility for October, 2016 is 9 and 5


Anthony and Jane, this cycle combination can be quite challenging. It is likely to be a trying time for you Anthony, as you question where to go next. Moreover, there may be few answers for many of your doubts and questions during this period. Your 9 brings the end of a cycle, which could make you feel a little worn out, emotional, or vulnerable. Do your best to stay positive; your next cycle should deliver a much more uplifting, inspiring, and powerful energy.

Jane should find a period with more energy (and less patience) than usual. Her 5 delivers dynamic drive and probably a change or two. Her ability to bring excitement and enthusiasm into the relationship could be an excellent tonic for you.

Both, the 5 and 9 cycles are about change; however, they are very different in the way we experience them. The changes brought by the 5 tend to be the result of excitement, enthusiasm, and a desire to stir things up. Your 9 cycle has more to do with personal evolution.

The most important ingredient in making this cycle as beneficial as possible is patience. You will need it during situations that may seem unclear, and Jane will need to muster it to support you. If things get a bit challenging, keep in mind that although this cycle may not feel particularly compatible, every cycle is temporary.

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