We have focused on the letters of your name and the numbers from your date of birth. We will now look at numbers in your chart derived from the combination of both your name and the date of your birth.

Acquiring the attributes described in the next few chapters will help smooth your progress. As you learn more about yourself, you may begin to recognize traits you were previously unaware of.

Your Life Path and Expression Bridge Number


This Bridge has the potential to "close the gap" between the Life Path and the Expression numbers. The chapter explains how you can make your talents, strengths, and specific abilities (your Expression number) more readily available and fitting to your main lesson needs, as well as the expected direction of your growth (your Life Path).

The scope and influence of the Expression Bridge is narrower and more defined than the other Bridge numbers. Its effect will be felt primarily in your professional life, including your position as household/family manager, if that is your primary work.

Your Life Path/ Expression Bridge is 1

Your Life Path and Expression point to the need to be more decisive and assertive. Rely on your strengths and abilities, and take charge more often. Be straightforward and confident when expressing your thoughts and ideas even if they seem offbeat. Try not to worry about the expectations of others. Being less conventional and finding original ways to do things can open you to new possibilities and produce greater success in your endeavors.

The Rational Thought number may be the least understood of all the numbers in your numerology reading

Your Rational Thought Number


Your Rational Thought number comes from combining the sum of your birthday number with the sum of your first name. It reveals the style or process you use when making choices or considering a problem. Are you a structured, logical thinker or do you ponder a question in a creative, abstract manner? Do you daydream or stick to deductive reasoning?

Your Rational Thought number suggests the general approach you take in your thought process.

Your Rational Thought number is 3

You are creative, but your thoughts tend to be scattered. You jump around inside your head without much focus. You come up with solutions that reveal an illogical approach, yet they often work. As it applies to you, rational thinking is a contradiction. You project, interpret, and analyze your projects and problems in a manner that often leaves others flabbergasted. However, you are unbeatable when it comes to shining new and original light on issues; often coming up with unique answers. You have this Rational Thought number in common with a number of famous and original thinkers throughout history.

The Maturity number in your numerology reading offers valuable advise, but it doesn' apply until after age 35

Your Maturity Number


Your Maturity number indicates an underlying wish or desire that gradually surfaces at around age 30 to 35. A direction begins to emerge as you gain a better understanding of yourself. With this self-knowledge comes a greater awareness of who you are, and the direction you want to set for your life. Your Maturity numbers are described in detail in your Personality Profiles.

Your Maturity number is 4

Your maturity will find you increasingly practical, organized, and far more down to earth. You will be capable of putting your ideas into concrete form. Your latter days promise to be a time of accomplishment and activity. You become more focused and goal-oriented and less willing to discard details and cut corners. There is little interest in a quiet retirement. You are too involved in seeing your plans and efforts come to life.

Your family and friends will profit from your four maturity number because of your increasingly helpful and reliable nature. However, you must guard against becoming rigid, narrow minded, and opinionated, especially if already several fours are found in your chart. If you are lacking 4s, or have only one or two of them, you will benefit by your increased understanding of systems, organization, and the rewards of a methodical approach to life.

It will do you good to take your time to relax and enjoy the flowers every day.

The Period cycles reflect stages of growth in your numerology reading

Your Period Cycles


Like most stories, there are three distinct stages of your life. Your First, Second, and Third Period Cycles come from your month, day, and year of birth respectively. Together they form the foundation of your Life's Path.

The First Cycle, located on the left of the graphic, begins in childhood and lasts through your late 20's. It's a quest for knowledge and identity while you cope with the powerful forces that are present in your environment. These forces include your parents and the socio-economic conditions of your family, for example.

The Second Cycle is found inside the diamond-shape and covers the middle period of your life, bringing about the slow emergence of your individual and creative talents. This cycle begins in the early and mid 30's while struggling to find your place in the world. The late 30's, 40's, and 50's, bring a greater degree of self-mastery and influence over your environment.

The Third Cycle, on the right of the graphic, starts approximately age 55, and represents a flowering of your inner self as your true nature comes to fruition. It is during this period that you have the greatest degree of power and self-expression.

Your First Period Cycle


Your First Period Cycle runs from birth until your mid 30's.

Your First Period Cycle number is 3

The early part of your life revolves around communication and self-expression. You find yourself drawn to the company of artists and eccentrics and are less comfortable in conventional settings. Social events are important and help you burn off some of that restless, creative energy.

You may have difficulty staying focused on a goal to its completion, as you find that boredom kicks in quickly and patience is not your forte. Others find you charming, attractive, even charismatic, but you must be careful not to waste energy on superficial projects or relationships. Discipline and focus are essential to lay a foundation you will build on for the rest of your life.

Your Second Period Cycle


Your Second Period Cycle runs from your mid 30's until your late 50's.

Your Second Period Cycle number is 5

The middle part of your life is a period of rapid progress and change. You learn the lessons, values, and responsibilities that come with freedom. You likely travel, move residences, or change jobs frequently. You are footloose and free-spirited. You acquire a flair for self-promotion, which can benefit your professional life. You become better at self-expression and grow less inhibited.

During this period, you meet many interesting, often eccentric people and encounter new ideas. You benefit from change and avoiding a predictable, routine lifestyle. A 5 Period Cycle is dynamic and chaotic; it requires an open mind and tolerance for concepts and lifestyles you may initially find quite foreign. Opening up to new ideas is challenging but rewarding.

Your Third Period Cycle


Your Third Period Cycle covers the later part of your life, starting in your early 60's.

Your Third Period Cycle number is 7

A 7 Period Cycle, especially in your later years, centers on wisdom and contentment. This is a time of spiritual/internal and intellectual growth, of discovering the beauty and harmony that underlie creation. However, it is often one of the most difficult last cycles, due in large part to society's lack of appreciation for the intangible qualities of this number.

Socially, you may feel distant and isolated. Interacting with similarly minded people through book clubs, art events, theater sponsorships, or other intellectually and spiritually stimulating activities can help you feel more connected. Although this is the latter part of your life, it may well be your most exciting time of discovery and personal growth.


The Pinnacles cycles in your numerology chart

Your Pinnacle Cycles


Although Pinnacle Cycles and Period Cycles are both derived from your date of birth, they differ in the way you experience them. Period Cycles, described above, reflect internal stages of growth. Pinnacle Cycles represent the external influences you encounter in life.

Pinnacles reveal general conditions and events you experience during each period, such as your environment, social conditions, relationships, and changing circumstances. Pinnacles reveal how you might respond to these influences and how they will affect your ever-evolving personality. The First Pinnacle. located in the left of the star-shape in your chart, usually lasts from birth through age 30 to 35. The middle two Pinnacles, to the right and the center respectively, each last nine years. The Fourth Pinnacle, placed in the top section, will stay with you for the remainder of your life.

The transition from one Pinnacle to the next is usually strongly felt. You begin to feel the transition from one Pinnacle to the next approximately two years in advance. The latter part of that two-year period can be particularly strong. You will likely make life-altering decisions, such as marriage, a job or career change, or major changes in your personal makeup. Knowing and understanding your approaching Pinnacle number prepares you for the changes ahead.

Perhaps the most strongly felt change is the transition from First to Second Pinnacle, which usually takes place in your late 20's or early 30's (the exact date depends on your Life Path number). This is usually a difficult transition but once crossed, provides a clear sense of direction and a firmer sense of identity. The Second Pinnacle is the gateway to maturity.

Your First Pinnacle Cycle


This is usually the most strongly felt Pinnacle Cycle and runs from birth until age 36 minus your Life Path number (single digit). For example, if your Life Path is 12/3, deduct 3 from 36.

Your First Pinnacle cycle number is 8

Anthony, under the influences of this Pinnacle, you will have greatly enhanced talent for dealing successfully with business and finances. This is a time of material growth, a time of expansion and reward. It is the cycle of harvest. The 8 Pinnacle also increases your personal power. You have sound judgment and vision. In fact, this is the basis of your financial success. People sense your power and effectiveness. They defer to you much more easily, and look to you for answers. This makes it easier for you to use power without having to be a bully or force your way through situations. They perceive your able-ness and want to join you in your vision. Others have faith in you.

You will be able to organize large enterprises. Problems do not threaten you so much as provide a challenge. You yourself sense your enhanced personal powers and feel a growing sense of stability and centeredness. You will be capable of influencing matter in an almost magical way. As a result, you are extremely goal oriented, moving toward the realization of your dreams with confidence and clarity. Your challenge during this period is to maintain a hold on your human and spiritual values. You must remain balanced between heaven and earth. There will be enormous temptations to make money and status your only priorities, excluding the more human or immaterial matters entirely. This will undoubtedly lead to losses. You are being tested and instructed in the real value of money -- it's natural place in life. If money is placed on a high altar, overshadowing all other facets of life, you will become its slave. If you are balanced in your approach to money, and have proper perspective, this can be a truly rewarding period, both materially and spiritually. That is the true promise of the 8.

The number 8 symbolizes the balance between the finite and infinite, matter and spirit. It offers a great opportunity to grow.

Your Second Pinnacle Cycle


Your Second Pinnacle Cycle lasts nine years and tends to have a considerable influence on your productive/professional life.

Your Second Pinnacle cycle number is 3

This is a highly creative period. Your self-expression is greatly enhanced. Your creative and artistic talents will peak. You should do everything possible to refine these abilities and make the most of them. Many under the 3 Pinnacle are drawn to writing, the theater, singing, and dance. Your chances of success are also heightened. Hard work in any artistic field that one has a talent for can result in much reward. This is also a highly social and emotional time. You attract friends and admirers with your charm and gregarious nature. You have the ability to inspire and motivate people. Your upbeat energy causes people to want to work with and for you.

This is a lucky period, as well. You can overcome problems with considerably less effort than in the past. All of this can lead to self-indulgence and lack of productivity. Life is a little easier, which can make you less vigilant. You need focus and discipline. Under the influence of this Pinnacle, hard work is the key and the challenge to making the most of your opportunities.

Be careful of impulsive behavior or doing things on a lark. You must know your limits during this period. Be careful of your money; balance your accounts. Guard against disorderly thinking and behavior. Otherwise, you may do things you regret or simply squander away so many opportunities.

Children born under this Pinnacle must be disciplined and kept from being spoiled. An early education in the arts will inspire the child to make the most of his or her artistic talents.

Your Third Pinnacle Cycle


Your Third Pinnacle Cycle also lasts nine years. Like your Second Pinnacle, its effect is felt primarily in your career or business environment.

Your Third Pinnacle cycle number is 11

This is a challenging period in which you are at a high point of sensitivity and intuition. There is so much going on in your psyche that you can suffer much confusion over direction and identity. On the other hand, there is a wide open channel between the personal consciousness and the higher realms of the unconscious. You are constantly being inspired and even assaulted by information and insight. Because of the intensity of these revelations, you must learn to ground your life in faith and a practical vocation that keeps your feet on the ground every day.

This is a period of enormous spiritual and personal growth. You will come out of it with a highly uncommon clarity and understanding of life. At the same time, it is a period of enormous demands, emotionally and spiritually. Any attachment you might have to specific identity traits -- who you think you are and why you are here, for example -- is constantly challenged. There is a desire to settle into some field or way of life to attain stability, but the energy of this Pinnacle is not allowing it. It is as if there is a destination, or destiny, to which you are being driven. You do not feel in control of this process. Instead, you are acutely aware of the forces that are shaping your life. You must surrender to them.

Meanwhile, you experience the emotional turmoil that can come with this highly charged period. There is a definite, even compelling, sense of being different. You are aware of a feeling of receiving special attention from spiritual forces. Your perception of life is somehow more acute than others; you see more clearly and more spiritually due to your high degree of sensitivity. It is as if you have a perfectly accurate peripheral vision, in which everything stands out in sharp relief. At times you may feel that you can see into the souls of things. At the same time, you may feel like a foreigner to the earth. You are completely impractical. Sometimes you may feel that you do not understand the workings of the physical world. Practical things escape you. You feel awkward and clumsy at times, and are aware perhaps how fluidly other lives are going. This increases your sense of being an outsider.

More important than all the awkwardness and feelings of being different is the overwhelming sense of having a purpose or a message to reveal that will make other people's lives happier, healthier, and more at peace. You want desperately to bring this out.

The challenge of the 11 Pinnacle is to remain grounded and attached to this dream. You must find practical and useful ways to be of service to others, at the same time developing yourself so that one day you may be able to bring forth that which is within you.

The influences of this period make you highly creative, innovative, and inventive. You have a completely unconventional approach to problems. Trust your intuition, seek harmonious settings to restore your sense of inner peace, and work hard to keep your feet on the ground. This period will bring great rewards on all levels, and with perseverance you will find your rightful place.

Your Fourth Pinnacle Cycle


Your Fourth Pinnacle Cycle lasts for the rest of your life.

Your Fourth Pinnacle cycle number is 1

This is a period requiring much independence, courage, resiliency, and initiative. You must bounce back after many difficult experiences. The challenge of this Pinnacle is to gain will power. There is not a lot of support from others or from family. You must draw from your own strength. You will have to guard against self pity or surrender. Keep focused on your dreams. This Pinnacle will require an iron will to keep hold of your goals, and also the flexibility to maneuver around difficulties, and bend with the winds of adversity.

This is a period of rapid self-improvement and growth. You will be forced to use every talent and capability you possess. You will need to be resourceful. You must continually put out effort, but with it comes great reward. Without it, there is no accomplishment nor satisfaction, only a negative attitude toward life. Be careful not to become too self centered, headstrong or self important. Be strong but flexible. Be open to the counsel of others, but make up your own mind.

The benefit of this Pinnacle number is a strong sense of your individuality and strength. You will know what you are made of. There are many hidden gifts in this period, perhaps the greatest of which is faith. Your Pinnacle provides you with the characteristics of leadership, boldness, and daring. You will have many unconventional ideas and the skill and courage to make them a reality. Your abilities to manage and organize people and institutions are greatly enhanced. You have vision and confidence in the worth of your dreams. These characteristics provide great opportunity for success and major accomplishments.



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