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Dramatically expanded in 2016, two additional chapters were added raising the level of insight significantly. Master Numerologist Hans Decoz integrates numbers and influences that have never been combined before, providing a more personal and individual report.

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Anthony Joseph Mercier


Birth Name: Anthony Joseph Mercier
Short Name: Anthony Mercier
Birth date: March 23, 1987


Your Expression: 16/7
Your Heart's Desire: 17/8
Your Personality: 17/8
Your Heart's Desire - Personality Bridge: 0
Your Life Path: 15/6
Your Birthday: 23/5
Your Life Path - Birth Day Bridge: 1

Your First Challenge: 2
Your Second Challenge: 2
Your Third Challenge: 0
Your Fourth Challenge: 4

Your Life Path - Expression Bridge: 1
Your Rational Thought: 3
Your Maturity: 4

Period Cycles
Your First Period Cycle: 3
Your Second Period Cycle: 5
Your Third Period Cycle: 7

Pinnacle Cycles
Your First Pinnacle Cycle: 8
Your Second Pinnacle Cycle: 3
Your Third Pinnacle Cycle: 11
Your Fourth Pinnacle Cycle: 1

Your Balance: 6
Hidden Passions
You have a Hidden Passion of 5

Karmic Lessons

Your Cornerstone: A
Your Subconscious Self: 9

Your Physical Plane: 10/1
Your Mental Plane: 35/8
Your Emotional Plane: 42/6
Your Intuitive Plane: 10/1

Your Minor Expression: 15/6
Your Minor Heart's Desire: 6

The Power and Limitations of Numerology


Numerology is a science thousands of years in the making. Like any Metaphysical science, it hinges on the understanding that all things are interconnected. Nothing in the universe, be it energy or matter, stands alone. Numerology reveals the connection between the letters and numbers linked to you, and your talents, strengths, weaknesses, emotions, preferences, and a range of other qualities.

Numerology is an intuitive, inexact science that attempts to gain insight into complex patterns and countless variables. It is a powerful self-help tool that can help you identify underlying traits and new possibilities. Keep in mind, however, that the insight you gain relies heavily on your ability to objectively examine what applies and what doesn't.

To use an analogy, think of numerology’s nine single-digit numbers as nine tubes of paint, each a distinctly different color. Imagine you are a work of art painted by a master artist who used every color available to create your image. The depiction is unique and complex: a fusion of bright and subdued colors, shapes and shadows, light and reflection, subtle and bold textures. The deeper you look, the more you perceive and appreciate the many layers that make up who you are.

Numerology is the art of looking deeply into all aspects of your individuality to confirm the colors you already know and reveal others that lie below the surface. It is one more key to learning more about yourself and others. The better you know yourself, the more control you have over life’s changes and the greater your potential for a successful, fulfilled life. Numerology is not infallible, nor does it promise to answer every question, but I feel confident you will find many things to reflect on in the following pages.

You are unique, and so is your Profile. I hope you enjoy your reading.

Hans Decoz

Your Personality Profile


Conventional numerology readings focus on two aspects of your chart: You and Your Future. Our Profile takes a different approach by adding a third angle, Your Path. Just as your DNA determines your physical body, a "blueprint" of your personality is an inborn part of you from the very beginning. Your Profile begins with insight gleaned from your name because that is where we learn WHO you are. It describes the talents, strengths, and other distinct characteristics you were born with.

The full name given to you at birth is YOU.

Just as your physical body grows and changes with time, so does your personality. Your personal evolution begins at the moment of your birth - the first step on your path. From that point on, the choices you make, the goals you set, your environment, opportunities, challenges, the influence of others, and a thousand other factors alter who you become. In the same way, your profile moves from your name to your date of birth, from the portrait of YOU to the scenery of YOUR PATH.

Your Personality Profile begins with an overview of the combined influence of the core numbers derived from your name: your Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality. This has never been done before and is perhaps the most dramatic improvement in our new reports.

In your report, Hans explains not only the meaning of each number, but also the combined effect of your name numbers, yearly cycles, and other important aspects. The addition of new algorithms and hundreds of texts took several years. We are excited to offer this comprehensive, integrated profile.

We hope you will take time to read and reflect on the information below. Many aspects become clearer with time and during subsequent readings. We wish you the best on your journey.


Below is the name section taken from your chart. It shows your full name at birth, with the value of each of the letters in your name placed below it. The numerology values of the vowels are placed above your name. The values of the consonants can be found in the lowest bar. The round symbol has the sum of the value of your vowels reduced to a single digit, this is your Heart's Desire number. The square contains the sum of the consonants and is called your Personality number, while the triangle is the sum of all the letters in your name and is called the Expression. You can view your full chart by clicking on the Decoz Color Chart icon in the Reports & Charts section. (For more on how your chart is calculated, visit worldnumerology.com.)

Numerology uses the letters in your full name to find your Expression, Personality, and Heart's Desire numbers

The Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality numbers in your numerology chart



Anthony, we begin by taking a quick snapshot, a look at the influence and meaning of the three core numbers derived from your name. Your Expression number is the sum of the value of all the letters in your full name at birth. Your Heart's Desire is the sum of the vowels. Your Personality number is the sum of the consonants. These three numbers are closely linked and influence one another.

All the numbers derived from your name reflect YOU. They are a blueprint of your talents, shortcomings, character traits, and other qualities. You should realize that this is a limited perspective. Later chapters focus on the challenges and opportunities you will encounter on your path, and attributes you may acquire as time passes.

This first chapter is like a glance from a distance, followed by three chapters that explain the meaning of each number in more detail. We will gradually build a more complete picture of the complex and unique individual you are.

Your Core Numbers

The idealistic, intellectual, contemplative and often shy 7 stands apart from all other single-digit numbers in one very important way. The 7 is a potential gateway to the fulfillment and wisdom that Kabir, Gurdjieff, and other masters talked and sang about. It is the seeker. It does not take anything at face value, and never gives up on the big questions, "Who am I? Why am I here?" Your Expression number is 7. This may come as a surprise to you, because this most spiritual/philosophical of numbers is flanked by two very different influences, the 8 Heart's Desire and 8 Personality. This is similar to a hermit having Donald Trump and Gordon Gecko as neighbors - except all three exist within you.

The 7 and 8 have nothing in common, but they will compete for your attention throughout your life. Your 8 Heart's Desire gives you drive, ambition, and a good sense of business. You are authoritative and do not step aside for anyone. Unlike the 1, you are not necessarily stubborn, but you are dogged and determined when it comes to reaching your goals. This outgoing, forceful number also appears as your "outer" Personality number (the part of you others notice when you first meet). This largely obscures the serious, inquisitive idealism of your 7, a number that is not at all ambitious.

Anthony, your challenge is to reconcile the obvious contradictions in this combination. Understanding the position each number holds in your chart can help.

The 7 Expression is like a blueprint. It lays out the ground rules, sets limitations, and determines the function and form of your life ahead. It describes your talents, abilities, and shortcomings, particularly in the way they affect your career and productive life. The 7 is contemplative, analytical, and somewhat solitary. A 7 in this position suggests you need to learn from life as well as from books. Your ultimate goal is to attain insight and understanding, and to become a beacon of light for others, without becoming dogmatic or burdened by religious concepts.

Your 8 Heart's Desire is a good balance to the internal nature of the 7. More than any other number, the 8 has a pragmatic, results-oriented attitude. It pursues big goals and needs to be in charge. Be mindful, however, not to allow your dynamic 8 energy to overshadow your inquisitive 7. You may be tempted to surrender to the capitalistic, dog-eat-dog mentality of an Ayn Rand disciple.

Ignoring the needs of your 7 Expression can be detrimental. If you are unable to balance these opposing influences, you may find success financially or in other ways, but you are unlikely to find true happiness and fulfillment. The emptiness resulting from an unfulfilled 7 drains gratitude and joy like a vacuum. It is crucial that you find a balance. Devote a fair amount of your time and energy to the mystery of life, in study and contemplation.

In your personal life, romance and long-term commitment are possible, especially if you find a partner with upbeat, dynamic numbers. Someone who does not take things too seriously would be a good fit. A partner with a 3 (upbeat and creative, with a sense of humor) and a 5 (dynamic, adventurous, versatile) could soften the sharp angles of your 8 and uplift the serious 7.

You should probably marry or commit to a relationship later in life, preferable after age 30. This would give the 7 and 8 time to find a comfortable balance.

The Expression number is the second most important number in your numerology reading

Your Expression Number


Your Expression number, calculated from your full name at birth, reveals the orientation or goal of your life. Some numerologists refer to this as your Destiny number because it represents a lifelong target at which you are aiming. Thus, the Expression number, to some extent, reveals the person you aim to be.

Your Expression is the most influential of the three characteristics that make up who you are. It is also the number with the most influence on your choice of career, although other aspects are important as well.

Your Expression is 16/7

You are gifted with an analytical mind and an enormous appetite for the answers to life's hidden questions. You have a strong interest in exploring scientific matters, philosophy, and even mysticism. You possess clarity and persistence in your search for truth. You can be a great researcher, educator, and philosopher. You are driven by a desire for knowledge and truth. You must learn to discriminate between illusion and reality, but you are well equipped for this task. Your fine mind offers you insight into the veiled mysteries of life. You also possess a considerable amount of perspective. Somewhere inside you, you are aware of a peaceful place that you call upon during difficult times.

Anthony, you need time to be by yourself. Too much social interaction causes you stress. You need your privacy and a place that can be shut off from the hustle and bustle of life. You tend to keep your thoughts to yourself and are secretive. Unless your 7 expression is balanced by extrovert characteristics (usually revealed by the numbers 1, 3, 5, and 8), your introversion may pull you deeply within yourself, even cutting you off from others.

You have a strong dislike of the superficial and mundane. You are often surprised by the lack of understanding or depth of knowledge of others, many of whom do not take the search for knowledge as seriously as you do. This can cause you to be critical of others, and even cynical about life in general. The more cut off from others you become, the more hidden are your motives. Once you develop understanding of people and life, your advice and counsel will be sought by those around you who need your wisdom.

You love to specialize your knowledge and develop great depth within your field. You are a perfectionist. You should complete your studies early in life and not be driven too hard by a desire to be successful. Let things come at their own pace, be open to opportunity, but remember your rewards, satisfaction, and contentment come from a higher source.

Sevens can be distant and aloof. When dominated by their darker characteristics, they can be unfaithful, dishonest, and cruel. Contemplation, meditation, and the softer, finer vibrations of life can restore your sense of harmony and keep you on the path to peace and balance.

You have a logical mind. Your analytical skills cause you to approach a problem in a detached, surgical kind of way. Researchers, analysts, investigators, inventors, technicians, scholars, lawyers, bankers, watchmakers, priests, philosophers, theologians, and administrators in some scientific or technical field are among the vocations 7s are drawn to.

The Heart's Desire is one of the core numbers in a numerology chart

Your Heart's Desire Number


The Expression number described above points to a more productive side of your life. Your Heart's Desire reflects a deeper, inner you; it suggests an underlying urge, your true motivation, and the general intention behind many of your actions. It reveals the environment and lifestyle you prefer, as well as your likes, dislikes, and the type of people you are drawn to. Consequently, it dramatically influences the choices you make in life.

It makes sense that the vowels of your name are the foundation for your Heart's Desire. Vowels are the peaks and valleys of a language. Notice how vowels leave your mouth in a free-flowing breath. Try it: Aaaa.... Eeee.... Oooo.. Consonants though, are cut off either at the beginning or in the end. You might say that it is in the flow of your breath that you express your deeper self.

Your Heart's Desire is 17/8

You want success in its fullest meaning -- wealth, power, and material comforts. You have an enormous ambition. You dream of big projects, great undertakings, and rewards. You are a visionary. You see the horizon and the promise. In general, you also see the methods necessary to fulfill that promise. But you are not especially good with details; you need others to help you deal with the smaller parts of the picture. Your challenge is to make full use of the full spectrum of your abilities, as indicated by your other core numbers. In the same way, you must bring forth the best from others and orchestrate their talents toward the realization of your vision. In short, you must lead by example, demonstrating the standard for commitment, determination, and excellence.

All of this requires effort on your part. You will meet with obstacles and difficulties. Your determination and commitment will be tested. But you have the power to overcome every obstacle you face and accomplish the goal you've set for yourself.

Your task in life is to learn to use power in refined and elevated ways. The expression and use of power is directly related to one's personal evolution. The more primitive uses of power rest with violence and the threat of deprivation. The higher expressions depend upon your capacity to care for and nourish the people and projects in your charge, giving each exactly what is needed at the appropriate time and in appropriate amounts.

You have a creative mind and an unusual approach to business and problem-solving. You need to cultivate your ability to evaluate others. It is essential for you to be involved in a project that challenges you and offers the potential for rewards. When you are uninvolved or unoccupied with a worthwhile task, you can become deeply despondent, depressed, and frustrated. You are the perfect example of the old cliché, "Idle hands are the devils workshop." Without a challenge, you can lose balance in life and become selfish, cruel, and even self-destructive. Disappointments become shattering, causing terrible consequences in self-image and self-love. Perspective is everything for you. You have a natural talent for balancing the spiritual and material planes.

You need to cultivate courage and stamina. Courage is a choice. You need to decide to be brave in the face of fear. A balanced 8 is among the most powerful and satisfying of numbers. It is the spirit of the true survivor, able to bounce back and achieve a greater victory.




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