Inner Reflections Numerology Reading


The I Ching of Numerology


The method you use to choose a nine-digit number is influenced by your subconscious, not unlike Tarot and the I Ching.

It is neither random nor coincidental. 


About the Inner Reflection Reading


When you open the Inner Reflection Reading on your app, you will see an arrangement of nine single-digit numbers in 3x3. When you click a number, the layout re-arranges itself switching numbers and colors. This diminishes any subconscious preference caused by a subliminal connection to colors and locations. Keep clicking numbers and when you have selected nine numbers, the reading will be created based on your selections. The method you use to choose a nine-digit number is influenced by your subconscious, it is neither random nor coincidental. 

(The image below shows the layout found in your app, it is not inter-active. See a sample reading below.)

The Inner Reflection Reading is considered the I Ching of Numerology



Inner Reflection Reading

Your Inner Reflection Reading reveals your state of mind at a deep and largely subconscious level. Think of it as a snapshot of the complex geometry of your dreams, hopes, fears, expectations, past experiences, and other internal influences. 

I view this aspect of numerology as similar to the I Ching. Use it sparingly, not more than once a month. It is meant to provide clarity for inner conflict and larger issues, rather than daily advice.

Hans Decoz


The Cornerstone


This aspect of your Inner Reflection Reading reveals what is foremost in your subconscious. 

There are times when it is better to conceal your strength. Don't be afraid to expose your vulnerable side. You are in the midst of a whirlwind of change, caused in large part by external influences involving relationships at home, work, or elsewhere. 

Listen to others and accept feedback from people who can view you from a different perspective. Everything you hear may not make sense, but there could be valuable nuggets of advice for you and your future. 

If someone offers to help, be grateful and accept. Be sensitive and aware, and try not to force things to go your way. During this period, it is better to bend than to be stubborn and immobile.


The Key


This section focuses on a central concern, usually an obstacle. The issue is often obscured and hence difficult to overcome. This reading hopes to shed light on the hurdle, which is the first step in overcoming it.

Vital to your current state of mind is the need to feel secure in your career, business, finances, and other material aspects of life. Worrying about such things may or may not be justified, but it is not without benefit; it is often the fuel that pushes you to greater effort. Consider the extra effort rule that states, “no effort results in no reward, some effort produces some reward, and extra effort delivers great success.” Although you may not feel fully secure right now, use this opportunity to crank up your engine a notch. It will produce far better results than staying mired in apprehension.


The Hidden Key


This is “the squeaky wheel” within your subliminal mind. It is there, it is making noise, and it will continue to irritate you until you satisfy it.

You need some tender loving care, so let some romance into your life. Whether you have a partner or not, there is some deficiency or at least that is what it feels like. Perhaps you have simply been too busy to pay attention to the heart, but the heart is paying attention to you. You may have experienced disillusion in this area of your life recently, if that is the case, get back on the horse. 

You possess a strong need for the assurance provided by a deep and true inner understanding. This, perhaps, underlies all your other hopes and wishes. You are searching for clarity, even answers to life’s big questions. 

There are many things obscuring this longing, including your hectic day-to-day life. However, when these questions rise to the surface in the middle of the night, or in a quiet moment during the day, it is because you have already understood something about yourself. The need for clarity and understanding is a fundamental part of life and the first step in seeking answers. You are embarking on a worthwhile endeavor.

Although you seek progress in your career, finances, or project, you may feel other things in your life distract you from your goal. Perhaps you have been putting effort into a relationship or lifestyle change that doesn't appear to relate to your finances or career. However, there is no need to be overly concerned. 

You are moving forward even if it doesn't feel like it. Sometimes, an effort that seems to have little to do with work can boost your career indirectly. For example, a change in lifestyle meant to improve your health will also enhance your self-confidence, which can quite directly affect your professional life.


The Capstone


This section of your Reflection Reading reveals inner conflict or uncertainty. The issue is most likely something you are aware of but may not have dealt with. Chances are you have not yet discovered a way to handle it. This reading does not offer solutions; suggestions to help you overcome the conflict are given in later chapters.

You have a deep desire to strengthen ties with your family, friends, and community. You feel closer to the people you care about and your sense of responsibility and loyalty is stronger than ever. 

At the same time, John, you feel somewhat disconnected from those around you – and may not understand why. This makes you feel uneasy. Your capstone indicates this contradiction is, ironically, a result of the high value you place on your social bonds. It is a common and natural response that when something becomes vitally important, the fear of losing it also increases.


What Is Missing


This section reveals traits and talents you are not taking full advantage of, or which are lying dormant. Accessing these characteristics is often your best response to overcoming the challenges described in the previous section.

You need to become more determined and show more initiative. The near future will bring many strong-willed people into your life, sometimes in confrontational ways. If this is the case, it is important that you learn to be more assertive, to avoid giving the upper hand to more forceful personalities.

This is a period of empowerment. Situations will arise that allow you to practice having confidence in your judgment and abilities and to speak your mind when called for.

You would benefit from establishing a more methodical and disciplined approach. Use it to lay a strong foundation for yourself and your loved ones. Otherwise, you may feel at the mercy of changing circumstances that seem out of your control. Concentration, a sense of purpose, discipline, and applied effort are keywords at this time in your life.

Due to a change in your circumstances you are learning to be more compassionate, tolerant, and understanding. Now it is time to broaden your worldview by giving to a particular project or effort aimed at the greater good.




The following section reveals weaknesses or shortcomings that can be obstacles to your success and happiness. These obstacles are often highlighted by events or circumstances that aim to bring them to your attention. 

It is possible to have more than one Challenge, and it is not uncommon to have a Challenge appear that seemingly contradicts a strength you possess. It is similar to a person who is organized and efficient at work, but whose home is disorderly. It is up to you to recognize where the Challenge applies. 

Occasionally, a challenge points to a temporary physical weakness or health problem you may be susceptible to.

This challenge deals with distorted idealism, John. Your ideals are unrealistically high, making life difficult for you and others. Your desire to be of service to others is sincere. However, it may be blocking you from seeing the necessity of working on your development. You have a hard time being satisfied with anything you do, or with what others do for you. You may also suffer from rigid thinking, which keeps you from having a clear perspective that would otherwise awaken you to the many good things currently happening in your life. This 6 Challenge does not have a specific physical weakness or health problem attached, but can be indicative of headaches and other stress related symptoms. Plenty of rest can help.

You are overly sensitive and self-conscious, too concerned with the opinions and expectations of others. You suppress your individuality and uniqueness to avoid being conspicuous or appearing obstinate. 

A 2 Challenge sometimes appears when there are problems with the stomach and digestive tract.

You have trouble managing your time efficiently and are disorganized. This makes it difficult to complete projects. You also have a tendency to take on projects that have little practical value. It is important to discriminate between lead balloons and those that will fly. Make an effort to stay focused and pay attention to details. 

A 4 Challenge may reflect bone-density or other skeletal issues.




Your subconscious selection of numbers points to strengths or specific talents you can use to improve yourself and your circumstances. 

This reading is similar to the Pinnacles in your Personality Profile. It offsets, fully or in part, the challenging demands of the previous chapters. You can have as many as four Pinnacles in place, or as few as one.

Independence, courage, resilience, and initiative are your keywords for progress in the near future. This Pinnacle indicates an increase of willpower. You are bouncing back from a difficult experience, you have had to draw from your own strength, with little support from others. 

This is a period for growth in self-improvement as well as progress in your career and other practical areas. Be resourceful and make increased effort. However, be wary of becoming too self-centered or headstrong – be strong but flexible. Make up your own mind but stay open to the counsel of others.

You are facing a period that will teach the joy, as well as the responsibility, that comes with freedom. This is a period of accelerated experimentation and learning. More and more, experience becomes your teacher. Your verbal skills, ability to promote yourself, and your talent for creating lasting relationships are enhanced. You write and communicate with greater ease, which becomes a source for new opportunities.

This Pinnacle indicates you become more involved with family, friends, and community. You face an increase in responsibilities, but should have little trouble carrying the load, even as your family demands much of your attention. You may feel overburdened at times, but the rewards will be proportionate to your sacrifice so you will feel little urge to complain. 

This time is filled with love, intimacy, and warmth, as you rise to the challenges that close relationships bring. You have a talent for resolving conflicts and bringing harmony to others. You are the keeper of justice, bringing understanding and compromise to polarizing situations. Your ability to attract people with resources helps further your goals, making this a favorable period for business and finances as well.

Your ability to handle finances and business matters is enhanced. A growing sense of stability and centeredness makes you even more goal-oriented. This is a time of material growth, expansion, and reward. Your sound judgment and vision are more apparent and noticed by others, which could bring new opportunities. 

Your challenge during this time is to maintain a hold on your values. It is not uncommon for people going through a period of self-empowerment, with success within reach, to focus too much on personal gain. 
This period is ruled by the 8, a number with a strong karmic influence that can turn on you if you lean too heavily in the wrong direction.


Overview And Conclusion


The following short conclusion exposes the most revealing but hidden forces behind all other aspects of your current state of mind. These deeply rooted forces are subject to change. They often take several weeks, but it is not uncommon for them to take a few months or even a year to shift.

This reading reflects your subconscious understanding of who you are and where you are going. No one has the ability to delve more deeply into your psyche than you do. Take this opportunity to review your mental, emotional, and spiritual outlook. 

Keep in mind that this perspective is the Subconscious You providing insight for the Conscious You. Analyze your circumstances and issues; take time to recognize what fits and what doesn’t. Most importantly, try to look into this mirror objectively, with an open mind.

The foundation of your life feels shaky, John, when the 4 is found in first place. You are in need of a stronger, more reliable base. To accomplish this you will need discipline and organization. Your energy and resources are being scattered due to inefficiency and a lack of structure. 

This is a time to make a determined effort to better manage your time and resources. There is potential for growth and progress, especially in work and finances, but you will need to apply yourself with focus and clarity to take full advantage of this period. 

When the 8 is found in second place, it means money and security are important to you and worrying about them frequently causes you anxiety. Being frugal and careful could help you become more comfortable with your current circumstances, and may help you avoid painful monetary disappointments. However, this is a time when you also sense opportunity and potential, and are perhaps already involved in a promising endeavor). It is advisable to maintain a careful balance between the excitement of a venture that could inspire you to take risks, and the need to keep your personal finances under control.

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