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Your Ancestral Reading provides a glimpse into characteristics you have inherited from those who came before you. 

About Your Family Tree Numerology Reading

Your personalized Ancestral Influences Reading analyzes your given name at birth and the name of the ancestors you choose to explore. Last names are an important part of your Numerology chart. They add letters and numbers to your Karmic Lesson and Hidden Passion charts and are the sole influence of your Spiritual Transit. This Transit is an important cycle reflecting your inner/spiritual evolution and that of your forebears.




Ancestral Influences and Numerology; Your Ancestral 'DNA'


Numerology is an ancient system for studying patterns and cycles. One such pattern demonstrates the enduring influence of the last name carried from generation to generation. A family name can remain unchanged since its origin. However, it sometimes loses or gains a letter or two or is altered entirely due to changing circumstances, such as immigration. These changes are reflected in your ancestor’s evolutionary path. When their name changed, their lifestyle, environment and personality did as well. These traits are a component of your family's evolving ancestral "DNA" passed down through the years. 

In most cultures, children adopt the last name of their father, and an in-depth analysis of this name can be quite revealing. However, to complete the ancestral picture, the mother's maiden name (on both sides of the family) is just as important. Looking back through both branches of your lineage will help you detect which side of the family you resemble most closely, and which traits you share. In short, you are at the end of a long line of predecessors, having inherited a wide range of characteristics. Your name and the names of your ancestors reveal centuries of accumulated energies and influences that are part of your makeup today.

Examining Names

A name can be mined for sources of insight in a variety of ways. We consider the sum of the vowels, the sum of the consonants, and the sum of all letters combined. Additionally, each vowel and consonant is examined separately and in the order of appearance. Information is also gleaned from the absence of certain numbers as well as those appearing most frequently. The Spiritual Transit cycles provide valuable information as well. Every ancestor who carried your last name went through the same Spiritual Transit cycles during the same ages you did. 

The custom of a woman assuming her husband’s name has a considerable impact on her personality and experiences. In doing so, she quite literally surrenders part of her identity and inner/spiritual path. This does not necessarily create discord and often affects the relationship positively. However, it is something to think about if you are contemplating marriage or divorce. Considering the effect a name imparts, a divorced woman might consider reclaiming her maiden name to recoup the part of her identity forfeited during the marriage. The decision to adopt a partner’s name requires the same forethought for same sex marriages. 

Let’s move on to your reading.


Analyzing the Ancestral Name "Williams"


Sources of Strength, Survival and Stamina


To understand your numerological "DNA" it is important to recognize that each aspect analyzed is focused on a specific facet of your ancestors' makeup. For example, in one chapter you might learn some of your ancestors likely lived on the darker fringes of society, while the next chapter suggests an innate desire for honor and justice motivated many of their choices. While this appears to be a contradiction, it probably isn't. Think of it as the “Robin Hood syndrome” where thievery and honor occupy the same heart; we all possess contradictions in our personality and the approaches we take to various issues.

This chapter centers on the dominant source of strength that helped your ancestors survive and prosper.

You undoubtedly count a number of very crafty, smooth-talking, and polished individuals among your ancestors with the last name Williams. However, there were probably also some who pushed this ability too far and turned into con-men/con-women, or worse. The gift of gab simply made it too easy for them to get their way and the temptation for abuse may well have stronger than their integrity. 
Others managed to use this gift to their advantage and to the benefit of others as they expressed themselves in prose and poetry, as well as music and other art forms. You probably count some successful artists among your ancestors, as well as a fair number of habitual criminals. However, the ability to talk your way in or out of any situation has been fine-tuned over many generations and traces of that are undoubtedly also part of your own make up.


Your Ancestor's Motivational Drive


This aspect describes what you ancestors were attracted to and motivated by.

This part of your chart suggests many of your ancestors may have been aristocrats or were generally more sophisticated and educated than others in their communities. Although they might have been found in high places, many also had strong ties to the “common people” and were known to help the less fortunate.

However, the name suggests there could also be a dark thread running through this ancestral line, one of cruelty and greed. This tends to arise when people begin to consider themselves superior and disconnect from their community. You will very likely find both saints and sinners among your forerunners, and relatively few who lived mundane lives.


Dealing With Difficulty


The following chapter reveals what can best be described as your ancestors' fortitude – the ways they dealt with adversity, obstacles, illness, or poverty, or simply how they held fast against the tide of changing circumstances. These characteristics helped your ancestors overcome odds many could not, and were a determining factor in the choices they made and lifestyles they adopted.

Your imaginative, creative ancestors had the ability not only to survive, but also to prosper. Your name suggests they were quick to seize opportunities and were innovative when facing obstacles or danger. There were probably a number of artisans and artists, perhaps even inventors with the name Williams, but the real benefit of their intellectual flexibility and creativity was likely their ability to foresee future challenges and to adapt before they were adversely affected. Many would have been verbally gifted, allowing them to talk their way out of potentially difficult situations.


A Shared Passion Among Your Ancestors


This section reveals a specific trait or dominant quality held by many of your predecessors. Although this reading is built using the last name only, it reveals one area where a characteristic was likely shared almost universally among all with that surname, regardless of the first and middle names.

Often more intelligent than their neighbors, and certainly more inquisitive, your ancestors were likely also better educated and more worldly. Although they may have appeared to be ordinary, their intelligence and knowledge would have been intimidating.


Careers and Talents


This section reflects attributes or a mindset that likely attracted your ancestors to a particular profession. Although other variables in the chart may have altered these influences and lead them to different choices, they probably had some interest in the trades and professions mentioned below. Let’s take a quick look at the key qualities and attributes reflected in your predecessors’ last name.


Weakness, Challenge, Triumph


This chapter looks at a probable weakness that was relatively common among your ancestors. It would have been necessary for them to overcome this shortcoming to be successful in life. Keep in mind that this is a negative influence, and not every predecessor was affected by it. This aspect is often diminished or completely eliminated if a first or middle name balances it.

A challenge many of your ancestors were faced with, had to do with distorted idealism. Their ideals tended to be unrealistic, which made life difficult for themselves and those close to them. 
Depression was not uncommon among your ancestors with the last name Williams, and this was almost always the result of an inability to be satisfied with what they had achieved, or the material reward they felt was owed to them. A lack of gratitude, a sense that you have been denied, can be a terrible source of unhappiness.

Those among your ancestors who overcame this dilemma, did so by consciously recognizing the many things they did have, the many reasons they had to be grateful, the many blessings life had bestowed on them. 

How You Compare With Your Ancestors


This chapter looks at your name's numerological traits compared to those of your ancestors. Your ancestral influence rating is divided into four categories: Very High (16 through 20 points), High (11 through 15 points), Average (6 through 10 points), and Low (1 through 5 points). The ancestral influence rating shows how closely your traits resemble those of your ancestors. These results are neither good nor bad, but simply another way to identify your 'genetic code' similarities to each ancestor.

On a scale of 0 to 20, your compatibility rates at between 11 and 15, a relatively high rating, but there is almost certainly another branch on your family tree with a higher rate. While your personality is likely not as similar as the ancestors with the last name we used for this report, you did inherit a number of traits and characteristics. 

If the opportunity exists, you may want to learn as much as possible about these ancestors, and perhaps to what extent you recognize yourself in them. You would benefit from learning about their professional and personal lives and may even be able to apply their lessons and experiences to your own life.


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