Personal Readings included in the Decoz Numerology Master Program

Personal Numerology Readings included in our numerology software


Personal Profiles & Forecasts:

This best-selling numerology program combines both the Personality Profiles program and the Future Forecasts program into one extremely easy-to-use complete numerology program that does everything you might want to do for any individual: Unlimited Forecasts (one month or 20 years - with or without Transits, Essence cycles, Personal Years, Personal Months, even Day-by-Day forecasts, and many other options and cycles - set your selections to your own preferences).

The Numerology Personality Profile describes more than 30 different aspects in your chart, a dozen more than our nearest competitor (click here to compare), offering depth and insight that has made this software legendary. This is also the ONLY numerology software program that does not "share text files" (applying the same text to similar numbers in different locations of the chart).

NEW: Now tri-lingual. Easily switch from English to Spanish or Portuguese (Personal Profiles and Future Forecasts only).

NEW: Our numerology programs are no longer limited to the 26 characters of the English alphabet; use non-English characters often found in French, Spanish, Scandinavian, German, and other names, without compromising the integrity of the report.

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The Numerology Report software includes the following topics (you can turn any of them on or off):

The Personality Profile

This part of your chart that talks about you, is about 24 to 26 pages (the software allows you to turn any of these topics on or off if you want to offer smaller reports) and includes:

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The Yearly Forecast Report, including Monthly and Daily Cycles

This part of the chart talks about your future (a 2-year forecast would be approximately 170 pages) and includes

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The Relationship Compatibility Profile and Forecast

Compares your personality traits as well as the cycles in your numerology chart, with that of your partner. Can be used for a romantic relationship, a business relationship, or any other kind of relationship. Includes:

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Includes your 8-page Personal Reading and Daily Forecast.
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