People you add can also access reports through their own app.


Adding a user is simple. Click Switch User in the top right corner of your app

The home page of the numerology app offers a Switch User option in the top right corner

Click add user

The World Numerology app then lets you select a new user to do numerology readings for

Enter a username for this person

Enter the Birth Data. It is important to take your time – please read the instructions above the fill-in boxes. Mistakes will result in in-accurate readings.

You want to make sure you enter their birthdata correctly, otherwise the numerology readings for this person will be inaccurate

Select the person you entered to immediately access their free numerology charts and readings. The Daily Forecast will also reflect the new user.



To purchase a gift subscription

To give someone access to their gift subscription on their own device

The World Numerology app lets you access the readings or upgrade the user to a full or Primary subscription

The World Numerology app is free to download and has free access to your personal 8-page numerology reading; in-app upgrade is optional
Includes your Free 8-page Personal Reading and Daily Forecast. Make them for your friends too!


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Purchase through the app. (?)


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