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The Relationship Compatibility for a Birth Number 6 is harmonious with almost all numbers.
What is Numerology; with numerologist Hans Decoz

If you have a 6 Birth Number you can potentially have a harmonious lasting relationship with any other number.

Your willingness to sacrifice is like a safety net within any relationship. Add to that your limitless ability to give love and care, and you are everyone's favorite partner.

However, that doesn't mean certain Birth Number aren't more desirable or harmonious than others.

The gentle Birth Number 2 should be at the top of the list for a potentially excellent relationship compatibility.

This combination forms a strong foundation for any relationship, be it business or friendship, but particularly for romance. Both love easily and without reservation and neither of is afraid to reveal their feelings.

However, it is only in the strength of your love and your need to give that these numbers overlap. In many other respects you are quite different, and sometimes even opposites.


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The conscientious and sympathetic 9 would be next because you are both focused on the welfare of others.

One attribute you share is your sense of justice; both Birth Numbers, the 6 and the 9, have a strong awareness of right and wrong. This could lead to one or both of you getting involved in politics or becoming activists or advocates for a cause. Unless you happen to be on opposing ends politically, this trait could further strengthen your bond.


The strong,  authoritative 8 is also a compatible partner, not only in romance, but the 6 and 8 combination is also excellent for business partnerships. The 8 inspires the 6 to aim higher and seize opportunities; the 6 keeps a rein on the dreams and vision of the 8. Without an 8 to inspire, the 6 will likely remain confined to small dreams requiring little or no risk. Without the grounded practicality of the 6, the 8 can get lost between creating the vision and achieving the goal.


A relationship with a 1 is also compatible, as long as both of you recognize that you sometimes differ in your opinions about what the most valuable human qualities are. Your priorities differ - no harm no foul. If you can respect this contrast and value one another’s positive qualities, this relationship has the potential to be happy and long lasting.


The 6 and 7 often have a love-hate relationship, so it is uncommon to find it in romantic partners. Where the 6 is strongly committed and motivated by emotions and a need for romance, the 7 is intellectual and somewhat secretive and distant.


The 6 and 4 share important priorities: your home, children, friends, stability and security. You are both loyal and protective of each other and those you care about. It is in your approach to life and the way you express yourselves that you are quite different. 


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