The numerology talent profile, lucky numbers, and inner reflections readings

Our individualized numerology software application includes the Talent Profile, Lucky numbers, and the Inner Reflections numerology reading

Scroll through a Numerology Talent Profile
The numerology talent profile is different from the Personality Profile in that it compares or rates important traits in your numerology chart in relationship to one another. The numerology Talent Profile looks at the ratio of a wide range of traits and compares them with similar traits. Each section of the reading stands on its own.

the unique numerology talent profile

The Numerology Talent Profile focuses on your talents and career options - it analyzes your numerology chart defining each number and rating it in relation to special talentsMatch your talents to career opportunities


The Talent Profile analyzes 79 character traits and 34 vocations.


This report takes numerology to a new level, now with visual cues to easily view your strengths and talents. Using horizontal graphs, your Talent Profile compares the ratio of a range of personal attributes in your numerology chart.

Matching your personality and inherent talents with the vocations they are most suited to can help you identify areas where you are likely to succeed and find contentment, and inspire you to build on those strengths.

The Talent Profile is included in the full subscription ($39 - incl. all 18 readings and charts).

This report is also available as a downloadable pdf file



The Lucky Number numerology software module analyzes your lucky numbers for every day of the year, as well as your lifetime numbersLife-time Lucky Numbers are in play for the duration of your life, while others come and go based on your personal cycles.

Our Lucky Number program uses specific algorithms to identify numbers that relate favorably to you based on your most significant characteristics. Click on your Lifetime Lucky Number (underlined) to learn what you can do to strengthen its effect throughout your life. Click your Yearly lucky number to learn how to best take advantage of its strengths this year.

The calendar lets you select your Daily Numbers for any day - pay particular attention to the last two numbers (sometimes three) below the calendar as you switch days, as those tend to be the most powerful for that period.


Included in the Full Subscription

Numerology Lucky Numbers program reveals your lucky numbers for the course of your life, those in play for a year, and the monthly and daily lucky numbers
Scroll through an Inner Reflections reading
Numerology's Inner Reflection Reading is considered the I Ching of numerology - it taps into your subconscious using a random number generator



Inner Reflections Numerology Readings are another unique feature to the World Numerology App and tap into your subconscious to take a snapshot of your current state of mind Of all the numerology readings Hans Decoz offers, the Inner Reflection (and Diamond Spirit Reading) are his personal favorites


The World Numerology App delivers this deeply revealing numerology analysis twelve times per year - recommended once a month.

The Inner Reflection reading taps into your subconscious by asking you to select nine single-digit numbers using a perceptive number generator. The result will amaze you, as it reveals what you are going through now on a deep psychological and emotional level. Think of it as a snapshot of your current state of mind, with an x-ray focused on what is hidden under the surface.


Included in the Full Subscription



Includes your 8-page Personal Reading and Daily Forecast up to three months ahead
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