The Name Advisor for Business is part of our numerology software application, which also includes a Name Analyzer for people, and the Family Tree Numerology program


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Ancestral Influences, or Family Tree Numerology, looks at your numerological DNA and to what extent it influences your numerology reading today

Your Ancestral Influences Reading analyzes the surnames of your ancestors


Family Tree Numerology, also called Ancestral Influences, analyzes the surnames of your ancestors to determine to what extent you have inherited their traits - or their numerological DNA Last names are an important part of your personal numerology reading. They affect your Karmic Lesson and Hidden Passion charts, and are the sole influence of your Spiritual Transit, an important cycle reflecting your inner/spiritual growth.

In most cultures, children adopt the last name of their father and an in-depth analysis of this name can be very revealing. However, the mother's maiden name is equally important.

Looking back through both branches of your family tree helps you see which side of the family you resemble most closely and which traits you share.

Examines up to twelve surnames - included in the Full Subscription


This program produces short, focused, personal numerology readings based on people's names.


Numerology Name Analyzer for People is basically a numerology report writer program creating focused, but relatively short numerology readings based on the core name numbersThe readings include three core name numbers (the Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality), with a concise description of how these numbers and corresponding traits affect one another. This method is unique to Decoz readings.

For the most complete look at a name, enter the full name at birth. But you can also see how the current name – or just a first name – affects the individual. Great for checking out friends, choosing baby or pet names, or your own name change.

Analyzes up to 24 names a year - included in the Full Subscription.

Scroll through a Name Analyzer for Individuals report


The Name Analyzer for people produces small but focused numerology readings based on a person's core name numbers, including the Expression, Heart's Desire, and Personality numbers


This reading is also available as a downloadable pdf file

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The Name Advisor for Business helps you design names for a business entity or objects and products you plan to market. It is an invaluable tool for anyone interested in marketing


The Numerology Name Advisor for Business uses numerology to analyze names for businesses or products - this is a powerful tool to help you succeed in your endeavorsThe Name Analyzer for Business and the Name Advisor for People have directly opposite purposes.

The analyzer for people analyzes the effect a name has on the specific individual.

The Business Name Advisor is concerned with the effect a name has on others - the way it is perceived by the people who view or hear your business name or product.

Use the Business Advisor to help you chose the best name for a product, business, band, store, or other venture.

Check up to 24 names - included in the Full Subscription

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