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Included in the Primary Subscription:

Your Personal Numerology Profile & 1-Year Forecast

Readings delivered via our app are viewed through the app's browser window - much like the sample reading below.


The complete numerology profile is easily twice as expansive and detailed as that of our nearest competitor. The middle part of the numerology reading looks at the numbers derived from your date of birth, including your Life Path number The third part of the numerology reading deals with long-term cycles and numerology challenges
Your Yearly and Monthly Numerology Forecast is included in the Primary subscription of the World Numerology app Our single-user numerology software application can be installed on any device and includes a detailed numerology forecast

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Open the app, click Reports & Charts, then any gray icon, then "Upgrade" here.

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Choose between two options

  • The Primary Subscription: the Personal Numerology Profile + 1-Year Forecast: $19

  • The Full Subscription - All 18 Readings, incl. the Primary Subscription: $39 (Reg. $49)

The Full Subscription adds Relationship Profiles and Forecasts, Name Advisor for Business, Name Analyzer for People, the Diamond Spirit Report, Talent Profile, Ancestral Influences, Inner Reflection Readings, Lucky Numbers, Address and Phone Number Analyzers, and Lost Object Finder.



Includes your 8-page Personal Numerology Reading and Daily Forecast.
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Optional Upgrade: Limited time offer - $10 off the Full Subscription.