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Talent Profile

Numerology Talent Profile reveals 79 traits and 39 vocations - by numerologist Hans Decoz

The unique Talent Profile, developed by Master Numerologist Decoz visually charts your strengths, talents, and weaknesses.

This reading was specifically designed to help with career and business choices, as it examines 74 traits and 39 vocations based on the numbers found in your numerology chart.

Easily oversee graphs and descriptions that reveal your aptitude in a wide range of careers and other areas.

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Numerology Talent Profile: $9.95

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Diamond Spirit Report

Numerology's Diamond Spirit Report is a yearly guide that reveals a hidden, but strongly felt challenge and opportunity - by numerologist Hans Decoz

The Diamond Spirit Report is a yearly guide that reflects the connection between your experiences on the material plane and how they affect your spiritual life, and how your spiritual realizations affect your life on the physical plane.

The Diamond chart is one of the oldest and most powerful divination methods. It was brought back from obscurity by the late Kevin Avery and Hans Decoz. An earlier version by Decoz, is available on numerous websites.

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Diamond Spirit Report: $12.95

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NOTE: Our Ultimate Numerology Reading combines the Personality Profile, Talent Profile, Yearly Forecast, and Diamond Spirit guide in a single 80/90-page report. Learn more here...

Daily Numerology Forecast

Daily Numerology Forecast for the next six months, by numerologist Hans Decoz

Your Daily Numerology Forecast for the next six months helps you prepare for changing circumstances and unexpected events.

At well over a 100 pages, this report is as detailed as you might expect from a Decoz reading.

NOTE: The Daily Numerology Forecast is a free feature included with the World Numerology app, and offers up to 3 months ahead. We offer this pdf version for those who prefer it in print.

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Daily Numerology Forecast: $9.95

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Compatibility Profile and Forecast

Relationship Compatibility Numerology Reading by numerologist Hans Decoz

Compare important characteristics between you and your partner, friend, or associate. The profile notes similarities and differences in your personality, interests, approach to romance, social situations, and other important issues.

The forecast is a clear example of the way numerology can be used in a practical manner to improve the quality of your relationships and your life. Understanding what each of you are going through makes you more responsive to their needs and yours. Don’t stop with your partner.

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Relationship Compatibility: $11.95

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