Numerologist and author Hans Decoz

Angela only recently discovered numerology and wants to know what it is and how it works.


Dear Hans,

I've heard about Numerology, don't know much about it. Is it based on your birth date? Dates of episodes in your life? I would love to know more if you have time.



Hello Angela,

The first thing you will want to do is check your own chart to see what your numbers are. You can do that right here...

Numerology, as it is generally practiced, looks at people's full date of birth, full name at birth, and the name they go by and gives us some insight into who that person is, his or her personality makeup, future forecast, and much more.

However, that is only a start. From a broader perspective, numerology is a science of patterns and numbers as it affects us in pretty much every area of life, including home addresses, phone numbers, compatibility of relationships, lucky numbers, etc. But for now, let's talk about its practical use in trying to understand and improve ourselves.

Your full name at birth represents the talents, abilities, shortcomings, and attributes with which you are equipped and use during your life time. It is the blueprint of who you are.

A numerologist will look at each of the letters, the order in which they appear, the sum of their numerical value (each letter has a numerical value), and other aspects t to get a sense of who you are. And the insight gained from that is significant and revealing.

The name you go by, the way you introduce yourself (usually, but not always, a shorter version of your full name) tells how you view yourself, who you think and understand yourself to be.

And, arguably the most important source of insight, is your date of birth which reveals the path you are on, the direction of your life, the opportunities and challenges you encounter on your path, the cycles, and so forth. A future forecast is mostly based on the numbers in your date of birth.

Numerology is similar in many ways to astrology, it's simply a different method and offers a somewhat different view.

The best way to learn more about numerology, Angela, is by scouring this site, which has a lot of free numerology available, including an in-depth course, links to numerology books, and well over a hundred numerology articles.

But be careful, you may find yourself becoming more and more intrigued by this age-old science until, as happened to me, you can't stop learning and discovering more.

Hans Decoz



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