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Vanessa asks about multiple master numbers in her chart and wonders what that means for her.



Dear Hans,

I just wanted to let you know my master numbers for this year. I know that sounds kind a weird, but I feel like only a numerologist would appreciate this amazing collaboration.

I was born on 11/22/76, = 56/11. This year I turned ...33yrs old. For this year: 11/22/09 it comes out to be that I’m in a 44 year. I was in an accident and had a head injury which changed my life, when I was 22, it’s now been 11 yrs since then. I live in a house which is numbered: 44. My name adds to 11 (from what I remember), I also completed the paperwork on 11/11/09, which adds up to a 33 (I wasn’t aware of this till afterward). Let me know your thoughts, thanks and have a great day!



Dear Vanessa,

Master numbers (the 11, 22, and 33 - no other double-digit numbers are considered Master numbers), have a way of making themselves known, but we have to separate those that have a significant purpose from those that don't mean much.

For example, we all hope to pass through the ages 22 and 33, both of which are Master numbers but in this context are too general to have any specific meaning or influence. The fact that something happened 11 years ago usually doesn't mean much either, and so forth.

Reading through your letter, I did pull out the Master numbers that do influence you or your businesses. Here they are: First and foremost, your Birth Day number is 22. In addition, your 1st and 2nd Period Cycles are 11 and 22 respectively. The name of your business adds to 11, and the name of your second business adds to 33. (You appear to have a knack of picking Master numbers for your businesses.) That's it, and that is enough, trust me. (I am not including your children's names because you did not include them in your letter.)

Master numbers are, as I have mentioned in previous articles, generally not well understood. They can just as easily be a curse as a blessing, yet we all look for them. In your case, the presence of a 22 Birth Day number points to a challenging approach to life's opportunities and obstacles, as your expectations tend to be a bit unrealistic, your ability to focus is unpredictable, and your goals at times shift and change overnight.

However, a 22 Birth Day gives you the extra edge that might well help you to make a real impact on the lives of others, or create something unique and valuable, but while it benefits your productive and professional life, it tends to affect your personal life, especially romantic relationships and social interactions, adversely. As luck will have it, you do not have an 11 Life Path. Your Life Path number is 2

Had your Life Path been an 11, you probably would have had considerable difficulty living a balanced and harmonious life due to excessive nervous energy, at least a few phobias and compulsive behaviors, and in all likelihood, fear and insecurity in most social interactions. The kind of life that offers some spectacular mastery while at the same time being largely dysfunctional. You dodged that bullet.

Your 11 and 22 Period Cycles, the first running from birth to age 26, the second from 26 to 53, deserve special attention. An 11 so prominent in your chart for the first 26 years of your life set you apart from others in your age group. You were overly sensitive, probably bullied, likely had a father, older brother, or other male force in your life who dominated you and tried to control your life, and had difficulty finding people you could bond with for the long term.

Around age 26, when you entered your 22 cycle, all that changed considerably as you came to find your personal power and strength and no longer felt as vulnerable as you did before age 26. There is often a dramatic, if not traumatic, event that happens around that age when you jump such different cycles, but without knowing your full name at birth I cannot say much about that. Similarly, without your full name I can't tell how well you handled these cycles.

Vanessa, contrary to lofty ideals and high-minded rhetoric, the bottom line for people all over the globe is to be happy. Without happiness, contentment, peace of mind, fulfillment, whatever you wish to call it, you have nothing, no matter what else goes on in your life. And an excessive number of Master numbers makes being happy all but impossible. So there you go, count your blessings, you have a few Master numbers, but not so many that it ruins your life.

By the way, with only your birth date to work with, I can still tell you that with a 7 last Pinnacle cycle and a 5 Period Cycle, both starting around age 53, the later part of your life is all about adventure, travel, and spiritual encounters and realization. Happy hunting.

Hans Decoz



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